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SUV Kitty Stroller!

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Someone responded to one of my posts with a link for kitty walk and I found kitty suv strollers! If you guys all ready knew about them, excuse my excitement, but I think it is soooooo cool. I have got to get one Here is the link:


My neighbors laughed at me walking her with the harness and leash, their gonna be rolling at a stroller!
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I am sure they will laugh . Most people will not understand us cat people . I think this is a great idea to have something like that if you don't have a cat enclosure where the cats could enjoy some nature , this is the magic for them
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That's so great! I've been debating for a while whether to get one or not, I think my cat would be too scared. But imagine what attention you would get walking down the street with that! Very possibly a boyfriend/girlfriend magnet, if anyone's looking! Either that, or they'll think, what's that crazy catlady/guy doing now?

Jill and Candy
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I think that is taking it just a bit too far. Cats aren't actually children and putting them in a pram/stroller is, imo, bizarre.
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I saw that when I was looking at all the kitty walk stuff. I thought about getting it, but I don't know if my cat would enjoy it or not. I also don't want him to enjoy it so much he starts trying to sneak out - so I don't know!

I think it's a cute idea!
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I saw that a while ago as well, and ever since then I want it. I am still sure I will be the "talk of the town" if I start walking my cats in a stroller, but think of it from my side, I want to start showing cats, and when I get a kitten they need to be used to traveling and going places so I plan on taking them were I go, it would be perfect for going to petsmart and grocery shopping because doesn't the little bag detach? Also probably great for cat shows, I bet someone could make on out of a hard cat carrier so you could place stuff on top. I can picture myself getting an apartment and walking pushing the stroller....lol
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A little too pricey for my taste I'm afraid but it would be totally ideal when taking Katy to the vet - she weighs a ton!
I am sure one day she will actually fall through the bottom of her carrier!
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