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Protector cat?

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Ok my ki ki Bast did an odd thing the other day.

My daughter and I were walking out the door, and bast snuck out behind me. Well I was trying to get her in when I saw the neighboors dog in our yard. he is a cute lil Jack russel, and is freindly. When my daughter saw him she started to run up to him. She is used to our dog Dragon. And I called her back b/c I didnt know how the dog would react towards her. So she stops. Bast ran up to the dog too,Like she wanted to play. but I called and she stopped. I was yelling for Ky (my daughter) to come to me, Bast looked at he dog, looked at me, and then Ky. She then ran between the dog and Ky and did the fight stance, hissing and all. I think she ment to try to protect Ky from the dog. She did not back down untill I had Ky well away from the dog. I have NEVER had this happen with any other cat..

Is this Odd for a cat?
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I don't think it's odd. I know for sure that dogs do that so I don't see why a cat wouldn't. She is part of Bast's family and he was protecting her from a "threat". What a good kitty!

I alway call Simon my "guard cat" because no matter where I am he is sitting somewhere nearby watching everything!
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What a wonderful story! It sounds as if Bast were protecting her young (your daughter) from the scary dog! Bravo Bast!!!
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Oh brave Bast!!!
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Did I mention she is only 7 mons old? lol
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Wow! Only 7 months, what a brave little kitty!
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Bogart lived with a household full of cats his entire life and never had a single fight with any of them (total peacemaker cat).

Our neighbor left their cat with us one time when they went on vacation. He got scared and bit my husband. Bogart witnessed the bite, then went after this cat in absolute attack mode - vicous, scratching, biting, hair flying attack. Never did it before and never did it since. He was just defending his papa.

Yes, I think they can defend their own!
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I know cats can defend their family. My mother's cat did. She was home alone when the water meter reader came to the house. She let him in and he went into the basement to read it. About a minute later, her cat knocked on the back door to be let in (she learned to knock!) When the meter reader came up, Mom told him to use the front door to leave the house. He refused cause his boots were dirty. Mom told him again, use the front door, the cat is in the kitchen. Again , he refused, said he wasn't afraid of a cat. He brushed past Mom, the minute he touched her, the cat attacked his leg. Till he touched Mom, the cat was just sitting there quietly. Thank goodness he was wearing ankle boots. They took the scratches his ankle would have been wearing.

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