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I have a lot of nicknames for my himmy. I call
her furface, bratface, the meowser, angel, sweetface
and little furbaby. I add her middle name when
I fuss at her for scratching the new sofa - Savannah Lynn!

What are some other nicknames that you use for your cats?
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Hmmmm, I don't think I have such nice nicknames for my babies!! I have five fluffballs they get called all sorts of things!! For example: Fatso, Lard arse, Porkball, Stumpy/Stumps, Mummys munchkin,
Angel cat, Grumpy/grumpy arse, Haemorriod(sp?!), Small Fry, Snapper, and many more that I can't think of right now!!

A while ago I started a thread, I think it was called Names Names Names (Doh I can't remember!!) It might still be in the Lounge somewhere in one of the old thread lists - check it out if you can find it - its quite funny!

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I have a few I call Nomar
Nomad, Nomes, Nomie, and right about now
I would say "Brat". He woke me up this early AM geting into mischief!

Nomar's mommy
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Well Buttons has several nicknames the ones "I" call her are:

My Fiance like to call her:
Lard Ball
Fatt A##

I do a little something different with Pathces & Toonces

Patches is "Patchy Watches" and Toonces is "Tooncer da mook mook mook mook mook"! I can get pretty silly with them

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Kahuana- Special K Big Kahuna
Scatter- Scat Cat
Bartee- Bartee Bomb
Kabota- Tractor Butt
Shredder- Shredd Head
Riply- Rip the Terrorist
Stryker- Stiker Biker
Karma- Karma Korn
Maya- Mouser
Cleo- Cleopactrick
Dunkin- Dunkin Punkin
Bacardi- Lard Butt
Clayton- Clay Pigeon

The others are ferals, barn cats and such. The ones above are the inside/outside kitties and the ones we interact with the most.
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Let's see...
We call Spooky:
Spook, Spookers, Pooky, Boo, Boo Man, Boo Boo, Boop, Spooky Boo, Boopy, Boopers, Da Boo

Specky, Specks, Speck, Peckles, Pecky, Tubby, Sparkles, Sweetie
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I've called our older cat, "officially" named Striker:
a) Buddycat
b) Catbutt
c) Pooter
d) Punkin
...and lately...
e) The Big Lug
f) The Lummox

Our new kitten, Sassy, has been nicknamed by my wife:
a) Sassyfrass
b) Sissy (as in short for sister, not the derogatory)
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This is cute I have a few names for Opie...let's see, I call him The Opster...Opie Op (long o sound) My Boy and (this sounds kinda strange now..:laughing2 My lover...:laughing2

For Sharky it's been the Sharkmaster, Sharky Shark lately JAWS

Ninya...little girl, Ms. Pinky her nose is so pink

and...I guess that's about it. My other three have names that nicknames wouldn't seem to fit...

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Don't even ask me where some of these came from:

Squirt gets called "Colonel Flagg" (that guy from M*A*S*H) because his tail is always straight up like a flagpole. He has also been known as "Kitten Butt".

Joey gets called "Joesph Bean" and "JPK" (his initials: Joseph P. Kitten).

Those are the most regularly used nicknames around here.
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Of all my cats, only Merlin (my inside baby) has nicknames....he has several... I like to call him Merlin Berlin, Hubby calls him Merlonski or the Merlinator. Sometimes I call him the merlster.
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Muffy's nickname is usually brat (but sometimes it's the other B word) because she can be so darned snooty. When she turns up her nose at us, she usually gets to hear her nickname. Not that it phases her, she couldn't care less what we think about her.

I call Puffy "Puff Man" alot. Don't know why, but I think it's cute, and he actually answers to it. He's a really cool kitten; I hope he stays this friendly. (Muffy was never this friendly.)
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When Cruella gets that bad catitude I call her Cruella De Vil. She can be quite devilish when she wants too. I often call Wylie pumpkin because when he gets up and stretches he first scrunches up his whole body and when he does that he's round like a pumpkin. He is not an orange cat so it has nothing to do with his coloring. I also call him my little blue eyed boy and sunshine. I call Titus, Titus Midus because it just sounds so cute together the way it rhymes.
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I started reading through all these nicknames/terms of endearment... what a bunch of silly people we can be with our babies...:laughing: :laughing2

Sfell, I had a friend that has a cat named "Mookie"...I always got a wondered what a mookie was. My friend would say, "ya know...a Mook"..."Ahhhhhhhhhh....I get it :confused3 :laughing2

Have a great day


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Thanks for sharing!

Tee-Hee on these names -- :laughing:

I enjoy reading the nicknames and didn't realize
there were so many out there! I need to laugh this week!
The bath picture is too cute - It's hard to get
a picture of them while they are taking a bath!

I love M*A*S*H* (and still watch it on FX
station!) and when I read the "Colonel Flagg"
name I had to laugh :laughing: Actually Radar is
my favorite character on that show!

I remember Toonces! The driving cat from SNL!
I hope your cat doesn't drive -- :laughing: !
The Meowster (there's the Meowster
meowing at the door, meowing like never before) I love
that SNL skit - "At the copier, making copies" :laughing:
and others are so perfect! When you have a cat it is
hard to only call them one name, no?
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BodLover - I want to find that archive as it sounds
fun to read -- I figured someone may had talked about
names on here one time or another! :homer:

The little furface is sitting right next to me ---
that little Meowster -- meowing at me -- meowing like
never before trying to get attention! (which she will!)
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Nicknames, how fun!

Cagney is CaggerMeister, CaggerMonkey, CaggerMuffin, and as of 5 days ago CaggerMomma! (she's a great mommy)

LilyBelle is Lily, LilyButt, LilBelly, LilyBrat, and LilBit, and LilBit*h! (she has definately taken over as AlphaCat!)

Gilligan is GilliGoon, GilliGut, GilliGoof, and Gilly. (He's a complete spaz, and still tries to nurse on any body part available...poor guy)

The 5 new babies have no names yet, but we call them The Brat Pack, or Possum Posse. :laughing2:
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.....also......furbabies when they are good, and furmonster when they are not...:laughing:
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Cleo and Deb those are great names too! Thanks so
much for sharing them!

The Brat Pack and
Furmonsters (tee-hee!)
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