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Its not just cats that are "collected"

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Owner of 235 Chihuahuas Convicted

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Mar 17, 8:06 PM (ET)

LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) - A 72-year-old woman was convicted of a felony animal cruelty charge for keeping 235 Chihuahuas in filthy conditions in her home.

After hearing Tuesday's verdict, Emma Harter of Acton broke into tears and collapsed at the Antelope Valley Courthouse. She was taken away by ambulance.

Her attorney, Robert Conaway, did not immediately return a message Wednesday seeking an update on her condition.

Harter could receive up to 5 1/2 years in prison. But Deputy District Attorney Stephen Heller said he does not intend to seek imprisonment because of Harter's age and lack of a criminal record.

Instead, prosecutors will ask that she get counseling, be barred from owning animals and pay restitution to Los Angeles County for the cost of keeping the dogs in a shelter.

"I personally don't believe she is able to admit to herself that what she did was wrong," Heller said.

Superior Court Judge Lisa Chung scheduled a hearing Friday to determine when Harter will be sentenced on the felony and three related misdemeanors.

Harter's dogs, along with some 60 birds, were seized in November 2002 from her five-acre property 30 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Animal control officers said the animals were raised in crowded, filthy conditions. Some were so ill they had to be euthanized.

Chung, who presided over the trial, gave about 170 Chihuahuas to the Burbank-based Chihuahua Rescue organization last August for rehabilitation and adoption.
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thats ...I just dont have words
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This simply breaks my heart.
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I remember hearing about this, on the news. At the time, couldn't believe anyone would keep that many dogs. None of them were fixed and just kept on breeding.
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Oh boy that's alot of little dogs!!! That's so sad.
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Hoarders do not limit themselves to dogs or cats. I am aware of many livestock cases, exotics (poisonous snakes, alligators), rabbits, guinea pigs, spiders = the list goes on. The common thread is that most think they are doing nothing wrong, strive to conceal their affliction from the rest of society, believe that the animals are better living with them than euthanized (even if they are dying in the residence!), and are portrayed in the media as "loving animal owners". Some don't have to have hundreds. Check out the link below.

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