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Biting fur out

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I have been to 3 different vets over a period of about 2 years no one seems to know what the problem is. My kitty Milo bites out all his hair. It doesn't seem to be stress it seems to be an allergy because his eyes get very watery and he sneezes. We tried prozac, that didn't really work. The only thing that works short term is steroid shots and he can only get that once every few mos. Fleas are not an issue, he's on revolution. I am really sad for him . He seems to be always itching.

I've thought about a food allergy but the vet said food allergies usually cause hairloss around the face. He doesn' thave that , he bites his arms, belly, legs, and tail. Does anyone have any ideas ?

PS i love this site !
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Is it possibe that a detergent on a blanket the poor thing sleeps on, or a carpet shampoo, or even a perfume that you wear may set off this reaction. he littlest thing can set off an allergy in a person, and i am sure the same is true of a cat. I suggest trying to change all of the above for a period of time to see if this is the case. Also it may be benificial for you to get a second opinion in the vet department.
One more thing i have heard that scented litter can irritate some cats. wheather this applys or not changing the litter may also be an idea.
I hope this was of some help, and i wish you and your poor cat the best of luck...let me know if any of these work...
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Poorbegah has the right idea...but make the changes one at a time. Don't make the changes all at once or you won't know which is actually causing the allergies. Make 1 change and wait at least 2-3 days. No difference in your kitty, make the second change.
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I would suggest taking him off revolution and use Advantage or Frontline instead. I have heard that Revolution can cause this type of problem in certain cats.
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One of my cats, Chester, has allergies to dog dander, timothy grass, three kinds of mold, and a few other things. When his allergies flair up, he loses hair around his neck, chest, and arm pits. So, your cat may have non-food allergies causing the problem. Ask your vet about Benedryl and see whether that helps.

Also, when we first adopted Chester, he had no hair anywhere except his head and tail. I took him to several vets over a period of two years before I finally convinced one to do a skin scraping for mites. (I don't know why the vets refused to believe that he could have a mite problem.) Anyway, they found the Demodex mite, which is quite rare in adult cats. Once Chester was dipped in a nasty sulpher dip, once a week for 6 weeks, the mites went away and his fur all grew back. Sadly, before they discovered the mites, the vet was giving him steroid shots, which actually causes the mite infestation to be worse!!!

So...ask you vet to do a scraping (insist on it) and ask about Benedryl. The scraping will take only a moment to rule out mites, and the benedryl will be a better solution than steroids if it is indeed due to allergies. (Also, they can do a blood test to find out what your cat is allergic to.)

Good luck!
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