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Possibly moving abroad

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I live in Massachusetts right now, but am aming to move to the UK for job purposes and possibly permanant residence. My question is how will this effect my cats, ecspecially when one of them was terrified when he was only moved down the street. Do you guys have any suggestions for calming methods...or anything....i would appreciate any advice that you could give.
Also ive heard that cats have to be put in quarentine when moved to another country. Does anyone know any details about this. I would never want my cats to be put in a sketchy situation... i love them too much
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All i know through watching a couple of airline programmes on t.v. with similar situations is some animals are giving a light sedative by their vet, and there are quarentine laws but not sure if it's 4 or 6 months?. But they will be well looked after and i'm sure they let you pay them the odd visit as well.

Where abouts in the UK are you thinking of moving to?.
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The gal who wrote this article can help you with any questions- her contact information is at the end of the article:

Moving with Cats
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Quarentine for 4-6 months would be rough
A friend of mine just moved with her kitty to Spain from here in Florida and she got some sort of light sedative from her vet as Rosie mentioned. I don't think she has to keep him quarentined but she is in the army and has to stay in the barracks on base until she finds a place of her own. The cats are not allowed there so she is having to keep him in a kennel.
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