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Temporary Paralysis!

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Monday morning, I awoke to some fresh cat pee in my boot tray. I cleaned it up, and changed the litter in the automatic litter box, just in case it wasn’t clean enough for him. (It was just changed completely on Friday...again, it's an automatic litter box that cleans itself 10 minutes after he goes) I came home yesterday, and 10 minutes later, he pooped on the bath mat in the bathroom.

Then, what I really didn’t understand is this morning; he had some sort of temporary paralysis in his legs. I’m not sure if it was all four, of just the hind legs, but he couldn’t stand up. He seemed like he wanted to get up, but couldn’t do anything…. he just kept pushing his shoulder into me, trying to get leverage. I picked him up, and held him while he was going through this, and after about 60 seconds, he seemed fine. I put him down, and he went out to his food dish and started eating. Then tonight, he pooped on the rug in front of the wood stove.

This is the second time this paralysis thing has happened in probably six months. Does anyone know what this is? Does the paralysis have anything to do with the peeing and pooping, or is it just coincidence? He’s 15 years old, and I haven’t taken him to the vet yet because I don’t want them to tell me I have to put him to sleep.

Any ideas?
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It's always possible that your cat's problem is treatable. Your cat needs to be seen by a vet ASAP. I don't have any ideas about what might be wrong...sorry.

There are others here who are very knowledgeable and may be able to give you more help.
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I agree with Lorie D. , you need to go to the vet with your cat asap .I would call in the morning for a appointment . I think the Paralysis may have something to do with the bowl movement . Only a vet would be able to tell you what may be wrong with your baby and don't mean you have to put him to sleep . As we get old , we get stiff sometimes too or get athritis and so do cats when they age . Your baby may just need some medication , but it don't mean he has to be put down .So please call in the morning the vet for the appointment .
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You should take him to the vet ASAP. Whatever is wrong may be treatable now, but if you wait too long it may not be.

This is just a hopeful guess, maybe it could be something as simple as arthritis? If it is, it may hurt him to go into the litterbox if the sides of it are too high. Then a litterbox with low sides would be better.

Hope everything turns out well.

Jill and Candy
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Yes please.. get him to the vet. The chances of him living longer will be greater if he sees the vet. They cannot make you put him to sleep. It is your decision. They can just tell you what's wrong with him and help you treat him. I wonder if it could be a mild seizure or stroke .. ? Good luck and please keep us posted.
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I would take him in as well and have a blood panel drawn on him. Just his age makes him a risk for some health issues that won't affect younger cats. Please don't not take him because you are afraid of what they might tell you. He has trusted you all this time in his life, don't let him down now.
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Just came back from the vet.....it doesnt look so grim - he has a bladder infection, which is why he's going outside the litter box. She also said that the stress from the whole situation, and the straining caused him to "freeze up" He's on antibiotics and hopefully all will be well. She also suspects he has diabetes, so we are going to be looking into that.

Thanks all!
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I am glad it wasn't worse. Thank you for taking him in. Please make sure you give him the entire round of antibiotics even if he starts to act better. UTI are tricky and they can hang on if the medication is stopped by the owner. You also might want to get rid of your litter pan and get another one. A lot of the time, when cats experience pain while using a litter pan, they will avoid using it just because they remember it *hurt* to do so. Putting in a new pan will stop that problem.
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That's great that you took him so quickly to the vet. And I hope he doesn't have diabetes, but if he does it can be managed. I'm keeping my fingers and toes (and Candy's paws) crossed that everything turns out well!!!

Jill and Candy
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That is great, glad you took him in!! He will be fine. Good luck with the possible diabetes also.
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I am also so happy you took your baby to the vet . I also hope it is not diabetes , but this is something to handle .
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