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It happened in my street.

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I'm pretty upset at the moment. I've just heard that a lady was killed by her husband in a house on my street about 10 houses away. He did it it front of the children in the computer room. My housemate came home from her job at around 1am the other night and noticed two police cars and an ambulance at the house. Now I know why. The media have issued a statement and our government ministers have issued a statement about allocating more funds to help victims of domestic violence.

The family were in some sort of cult and there had been a lot of DV.

May she rest in peace.
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How horrible! It makes you wonder what really happens within the walls of your neighbors.

My thoughts are with the woman's children.
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It's a shame to me that even though we hear about it every day, it doesn't really hit home with us until its someone we know, or at least know of. Sad for her children especially, he could have at least locked them in another room. Sigh, sometimes I'd love to know what is going through peoples' minds when they do things like that, then I come to my senses and realise it would make me crazy too.
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That is awful Tania! May she rest in peace indeed.

Last year a friend of mine was murdered - last week her boyfriend was found guilty of her murder. They had a long history of domestic violence.
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It's just awful. The family are of Indian origin. He had been beating her over the last few days because he thought she was having an affair. They've been in Perth for 1 year and in Australia 3 years. Apparently he repeatedly beat her and would leave the room and kept coming back and beat her some more. Eventually the kids couldn't hear their mother making any noise... she had been calling out for him to stop. He then came into the kids room and said mum was hurt and he was calling an ambulance. The 13 yr old said her dad was crying so she thought her mother was already dead by that stage. I am crying for this lady and her children. They have no other family so the children are in foster care.

Why do men do this? It makes me lose all faith in people. The only ones I can trust are animals.
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OMG! that poor woman! and those kids, they will be so messed up for life! why do poeple do such stupid things? I hope he gets locked up for a LONNNNNNGGGG time!
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How awfull!. The poor woman. Thankfully now here in the UK, police are now taking domestic violence seriously and will still prosecute even if the victim doesn't want to!!.

At one time it was 'Oh their having a domestic!', but not now, but it's been a long time coming!!.
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How horrible! I will keep her and her children in my prayers.
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That's horrific. Unfortunately, I can see one of my students heading for the same outcome at the moment. Several years ago, a former student and her six-month-old son were strangled to death by her husband, who also imagined she was cheating on him. I will never forgive the German justice system for finding him guilty of manslaughter, instead of homicide. He's already free to find his next victims.
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That's so sad. Poor children. I wonder why they didn't call 911?
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That is so very sad........ those kids losing there Mom in such a horrible way. It truly is a terrible thing that goes on
behind closed doors. I will never understand why Men of that nature feel they need to demean women that why......I had a ex like that... Iam free now !!!!!!Those kids are in my prayers:angel2:
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Thank you to whomever moved the thread to here. It's an awful thing to happen and so very sad.
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How awful. Thank God he didn't try to hurt the children as well. The woman must have felt like she was a captive in the situation.

I wonder if there are family in India who would take the children, although sometimes people attach a stigma to actions like that which extend to innocent victims like the kids.

When I was abt 10, my brother's baptismal Godfather was murdered on the corner of the street that we lived on. He managed a bar/restaurant for his mother-in-law, and when he was locking up late at night, someone tried to rob him. He got away from the guy and into his car, and was driving away when the robber shot him. We lived across from a park, and there was a brick pillar on the corner of the block which the fences in either direction connected to. His car crashed into the pillar. I don't remember if he was killed by the impact or if he was shot to death. (He still had the $$ on him, so the robber fled after shooting after him.) The police actually thought for some reason that he might have stopped for the red light at the intersection. The worse thing was that because this was a city park, and the pillar was just decorative, they didn't rush to fix it. So for weeks I walked to school past this reminder of where 'Uncle' Mark had died.
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Why is this in IMO?

Oh Tania, that's so sad. The children are in my thoughts.
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Yes, let her rest in peace. My thoughts are with her children also, who will take care of them?
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