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Stinky Feet - Need Help!!!

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Not my feet, thank goodness. Hubby's feet - they REEK! I mean, my bedroom stinks (thank goodness we can finally take down the plastic and let the room air out.

He's been using Odor Eaters Foot Powder and it hasn't done anything to help. He thinks it is his new(er) shoes, they don't look like they have much ventilation.

Any tips or products you all would suggest? I'm getting seriously grossed out anymore!
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Does his feet itch a lot or even occasionally itch? If so, he probably has a case of Athletes Foot. Sometimes people with AF don't even know it if it doesn't itch very much, but start asking questions when their feet really stink.

I would get some Lamisil cream (not the spray...doesn't absorb as well) & try that for a few days. That should help, but I would definitely tell him not to wear the same shoes every single day. He should alternate his shoes & not to wear them more than he has too. I'd also put some cornstarch in his shoes & lightly powder his feet down before he puts his socks on. That will absorb the sweat more than any of those powders you can buy over the counter.

Hope that helps Heidi!
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I used to have a natural crystal for the underarms, and I heard people were buying it for feet as well. I dont really know how to descibe it, it´s like a tiny iceberg (), you put it under the tapwater for a second and then apply (dont let the water run on it to long cause then it will finish sooner). People say it really works. This was from "Clean Trend/Enjo" and Austrian product, but I´m sure you have something similar.
I really liked this thing, it so natural, not creamy, not scented. Unfortunately mine fell on the floor a couple of years ago and broke into small pieces and I have never got around to buy another one I even need one, for my s/o´s feet! So, I really understand you problem.
If you want I could buy one for you and send it to you.
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Heidi, a good strong antiperspirant deodorant sprayed on his feet before he puts his shoes on should do the trick. Go for a deodorant with a high aluminium content (the highest I have is 18%).

Also he can try wearing pure cotton socks, changing to a clean pair half-way through the day, and also having a strong salt water foot bath once a day. Try insoles, wiped over with tea-tree oil.

There are also a few products that you can buy at the supermarket and pharmacy but I'm not sure of their effectiveness.
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My sweetie's feet perspire a whole lot and so he really works at keeping them and his shoes odor free. The product he uses is a foot deodorant spray called Crystal and yes it's in the same line as that underarm deodorant like an iceberg that Pollyanna referred to -- which we also use. These are awesome products, made from natural mineral salts, hypoallergenic, fragrance free -- etc, etc, etc. They're not cheap, but they last a long time. The foot deodorant is in a pump spray bottle, and he uses it on his feet and in his shoes. It's distributed by F/T Ltd. PO Box 756, Millbrae, CA 94030-0756. They have a website www.thecrystal.com and there's a phone number on the bottle, too: 1-800-829-rock. Good Luck!
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Sorry Heidi, but i found it so funny!. I was going to mention the Odor Eaters, but thats out the window.
My dad used to say that's a sign of being 'healthy'?!,but i think now it was his excuse!!

I havent got smelly feet, HONESTLY!!, but theres something on them that attracts Rosie to them. If she's not chasing my bare feet around the house, she'll have her paws around my ankle, sniffing and purring and really rubbing the side of her face hard against them. It's like she's been sniffing cat nip!!.

Talking of feet has brought back memories of a cat my parents had who used to loved licking my dads feet! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh.
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What about peppermint foot lotion? It smells gorgeous and is really good for your feet.
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Silk socks can make a difference as well. Silk is super absorbent and lets your skin breathe. A bit on the pricey side though. Are any of his shoes made of a man made material and not leather? I know if I wear anything other than leather or fabric my feet are unbelievable.
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