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Another rescue has begun

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I get a long e-mail today from the woman who runs the Humane Society that I volunteer at (she knew that I like distractions when I'm in a funk and I certainly bit into this one hook line and sinker).

A woman went into a nursing home last October, leaving her 3 indoor dogs and 3 outdoor dogs chained outside. Members of her family each thought someone else was taking care of them and no one bothered to show up to the house until January. I have no clue why all these dogs were still alive. Her sister started going over there twice a week to feed them (and fatten them back up), then turned feeding duties over to a "friend of a friend of a friend" who was supposed to be there everyday. The sister contacted the Humane Society yesterday to ask for help placing 3 of the dogs.

Since it is so close to my house, I'm asked to go over and assess the situation. 4 of 6 dogs have no food, but at least all have water and most have shelter. We live in coyote central so I am amazed that none became dinner. While some were fearful, most were friendly and in relatively good shape in spite of this ordeal. So I have recommended that all 6 dogs are taken into foster and adopted out and they will call the sister back tonight to set it up.

As I'm walking around, what hops out but a beautiful torbi girl that I've named "Miss Kate". She in young, talkative, purrs when you pet her but really thin. I picked her up and she just melted into my arms. Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind to just take her and have her "disappear" from them.

So I get them all food and agreed to feed them each day until we can get them into foster homes. Miss Kate will be the first to go - she was such a wonderful kitty!

And to top it all off, there were a lot of barns, so I know there has to be a feral colony there also.

So thank heavens for little distractions and the feeling of being useful again!
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Amy, you are more than useful - you are a lifesaver!
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Oh, those poor dogs!!!

You are truly a wonderful person to take over the care of the dogs and cat. I hope they all find good foster (and permanent) homes right away!
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Found Miss Kate a foster home today! Woo hoo!!
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You're an in disguise, you know that!
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Oh, how wonderful!!! I can't believe she found a foster home so quickly! Bravo!!!
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We pulled Miss Kate out of there tonight and I'm transporting her to the vet for neutering tomorrow. Her new foster parents will pick her up from there.

The story on the dogs is changing daily. We found out today the woman has been in a nursing home for a couple years and some man has been staying at the home in her absense. He was supposed to tell the sister if he moved and never did. So they didn't even know he was gone!

I went over there tonight and gave them Advantix and drontal. Good dogs - they let me open their mouths and shove the pills right in the back of their throats. Someone obviously came by since my last visit and removed one of the dogs collars and simply wrapped the chain around his neck, and far too tight.

The woman in the nursing home doesn't want to give up 3 of the dogs cause she thinks she will be home one day and wants them back. In the meantime, they are abandonded and chained outside. We're playing the sister hard with a lot of guilt and fear for their survival. If we can't take the 3 small dogs, we aren't going to take away the big ones. The small ones would be coyote chow overnight. And they just can't get that thru their thick heads!!

We have foster homes for 5 of the dogs and 3 people that want to adopt out the little girl. All are ready to go if we can only talk this lady into it!

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That is so sad that the lady won't sign them over, but I do understand how she must feel. I'll bet she doesn't realize how bad off the dogs are. Perhaps if you took pictures and showed her how they are living, she would be more willing to sign them over.
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Oh Miss Kate's gorgeous, I'm so glad she found a foster home. Good luck with the dogs, that's so sad. Big ups to you Amy!
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Miss Kate tested negative for FeLV and FIV and was spayed yesterday. WOO HOO!

I like the idea of taking pictures and getting them to the owner. Her sister goes over there to see them and she isn't all that concerned, but we are beginning to sense that she is feeling guilty about them after all this time.

The poor blond boys and the Border girl just cling to you when you visit them. The sister that is "caring" for them doesn't even know their names so we are going to make some up and start calling them something.

*sigh again*
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Originally posted by lotsocats
That is so sad that the lady won't sign them over, but I do understand how she must feel. I'll bet she doesn't realize how bad off the dogs are. Perhaps if you took pictures and showed her how they are living, she would be more willing to sign them over.
And if that doesn't work, let me know and I will give you the how-to on getting the animals custody reliquished "involuntarily".

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Originally posted by Mark Kumpf
And if that doesn't work, let me know and I will give you the how-to on getting the animals custody reliquished "involuntarily".

I'm all ears Mark! PM me if you do not wish to open post.

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We're pulling 2 of the dogs tomorrow. Went over there tonight to feed them and 2 had been unhooked - one was happy to see us and came right over. The other is totally scared and hasn't allowed us close since we started going over there. So we couldn't catch him - got dark and there is no electricity over there so no lights to look for him. So back in the morning to find him.

Here is Sam. He goes to the vet's tomorrow for neutering, health screening and then his foster home.
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Here is Pepper - she also goes to the vet tomorrow for spay and health screening. She has a number of offers for either permanent homes, foster with intent to adopt, or straight fostering. This is the sweetie pie of the bunch.
post #15 of 23 CUTE!!

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Pepper is absolutely gorgeous! In that picture it looks as if she knows how pretty she is! You are such a great person to do this!
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I'm doing the doggie dance!! I'm doing the doggie dance!!

We got permission to pull all of the dogs yesterday and instead of taking 2, we took all 6 of them! Got a team of 4 folks that do primarily dog rescue, including a vet tech. We vaccinated them, put them in a kennel and took them all out in a van. The old girl that wouldn't come out of her dog kennel turned out to be blind from cataracts. No wonder the poor baby was scared to death!!

I got an update from the rescue team this morning that all 6 dogs had a great dinner, and were snuggling in their laps. They will be tested for heartworm, bathed (boy they needed that), and their health brought back before they are put up for adoption.

And everyone who sees Pepper wants to take her home with them. She is such a sweet girl!

Happy ending to this story.

Tomorrow......feral colony TNR in my neighborhood.
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Wow...AMAZING!!! That has got to feel wonderful!!! Let us know how the TNR project goes.

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I am so excited and so very sad at the same time. I feel so horrible for the poor blind dog. I simply can't imagine how frightened she has been for all of these weeks being stuck outside with no way to protect herself or to even see when danger is coming.

I am so happy for all of the dogs that you were there to rescue them!
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That is just fantastic! They are all safe now, and fed, and loved. Now they just need to find good forever homes.
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They tested all of them for heartworm and 3 of them had it. The poor old blind girl not only had heartworm, but has mamory cancer on top of it. They can't even treat her for the heartworm cause she wouldn't survive. They have found her a permanent foster home that will give her the best care that she can get for the remainder of her life, although that will be short. At least she isn't dieing an agonizing death at the end of a chain all alone.

But all other physical problems in the other 5 are treatable (all need serious dental care), so it is mostly a happy ending.

Went trapping today and only caught one from the colony (male, negative and intact). He's already neutered and I transport to the recovery center tomorrow morning. It was drizzling rain and they just didn't want to go out. We'll try again Sunday night or Monday morning.
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What an amazing thing you did and continue to do!!

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Poor old dog. I am so glad she chan spend her last days in a safe place with loving people.

Keep us updated on the ferals. Good luck trapping!
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