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Pictures of the Cakes I made...

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The past 3 days I've been one busy little bee! I was asked to help another Walmart Bakery set everything up for their Grand Opening of their new SuperCenter. I was a little reluctant since I've only been in the Bakery Area for about a month now, but thought it would be a great learning experience. It was alot of hard work, but it was fun. Another brand new Bakery Manager from the other store in my city was asked to go along, so it was nice that I wasn't the only newbie. I don't remember how many cakes we decorated, but it was close to 30 or more. Then we had to bake all the fresh bread & pastries for the shelves...that was a whole day project within itself.

Jason & I were asked to do the display cakes also which included a wedding cake. Jason was excited to do that one, but I really didn't think it would turn out very good. The color was was supposed to be Ivory, but it turned out Gold (we used a bit too much brown). To my surprise, it turned out pretty good for our first wedding cake! He did all the borders, swags & little details while I did all the roses. It was so dang hot in that bakery that my frosting for the roses was melting the minute I started, so I had to come up with a quick fix. So, I stood inside the freezer (which is -3 degrees!) & made them in there! Worked like a charm!

Anyway, I thought I'd share the pictures with you all. They're not perfect, but they turned out pretty good for only having done a few cakes before this.

Here is my Finding Nemo Cake (if you look close, there is a small crack in the frosting):

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Cake:

Sesame Street Cake (this one is my favorite!):

Wedding Cake:

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those cakes are gorgeous! i'm kind of glad that i don't work with cakes, otherwise i'd be about 300lbs by now! i such a sucker for sweets
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Umm...I know what ya mean! I've gained 10 pounds since I started working in that area!

Thank you for liking my cakes!
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Looks great Shell ! Keep it up and you can get a job in any bakery anyday!
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The cakes turned out really well! I like the wedding cake. I'm a sucker for wedding cakes, though.
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the cakes turn out really well!! Yum yum...
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Hey Shell? I "dare you" to post this in the weight watcher's thread! LOL

Cute designs
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Hey shell they are great! Can you do a spoungbob cake? Kaya loves him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Thanks Guys! I never thought in a million years I'd be decorating cakes & but look at me now! It's a lot of fun & it makes me use my creative side which doesn't get much exposure.

MA, That's SO evil!

I know that you can't tell it but the wedding cakes & the Pooh cakes are made out of styrofoam! They're the display ones that stay on the case for the customers to see. The other ones are real cakes that customers can buy.

Sherral, Walmart Bakeries do have SpoungeBob cakes! I thought about making one like that, but I decided to do the Sesame Street one instead. They're actually kind of cute!

Thanks again everyone!
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Shell, I love cake! Well done with those ones - they're so pretty, especially the Nemo one.
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Wow! I wish I knew how to decorate cakes like that. I'm very impressed.
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Wow those are awesome! Good job.
It sounds like you had fun making them too.
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Wow! Shell... those cakes look fantastic! It's giving me a sweet tooth just looking at them! I didn't know you were artistically talented like that. -very impressive.
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Shell i did'nt realise how talented you were, you clever thing. There brilliant!!!.

Send one DHL and we can try one out for you in the office
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Yummy - now I want cake!
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YUMMY!! im hungry now
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Oh MY GOSH Shell! You've got talent.
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I like all of the cakes that were made.... But the Wedding cake is especially beautiful
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Shell they are really beautiful! I love cake!

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Shell, what beautiful cakes! Those are so cute, I'm not sure I'd want to eat and spoil the cute/beautifulness of it all!
But I'm sure they'd taste gr8!
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They are beautiful - hope they taste as good as they look (not that I expect that from the styrofoam ones )
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