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Buffy barfed twice and has diarrhea

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Buffy barfed twice today. I didn't see them, but one pile hasn't been cleaned up, and the other has. My sister says both of them were clear and slimy, and the one that isn't cleaned up appears to be a yellow color, and the remains of the one that's cleaned up appears to be yellow too. Just now, Buffy came out of the litter box, and she had some poo stuck to her. Not just one little ball, but like a whole string of them! Its like she ate hair and just, to say it nicely, pooped it all out, except the hair didn't completely leave her butt. It's stretching all the way to the floor, with poo stuck to the hair near the bottom, and the whole hair is covered thickly in what must be poo. She's trying to get it off, rubbing her butt on the floor, and doesn't seem to be very comfortable walking with it hanging off her butt. She just left, so I don't know if she got it off or not... And the smell is pretty bad. Normally there isn't a smell, but now I can really smell something.

Does anyone know if cats can barf if they eat hair? Buffy loves to eat hair, and we're always cleaning the litterbox and finding 2 poops with a hair attached to them both, like those karate sticks ( ).

Does anyone agree that we should get Buffy to the vet? I know that cats get dehydrated very easily, and I have heard stories where hair gets blocked up in the intestines and the cat tries it puke it out, but can't. She was coughing a couple of days ago, like she was trying to hack up a hairball (and nothing appeared). Please give me suggestions, and please post reasons on why I should get her to the vet. I have parents who don't want to spend money on them, so I need other people to give reasons why they should go, because they sure as heck won't listen to me. Thanks!

*Worried about little Buffy right now...*


My sister just came in and told me that Buffy went to the bathroom outside her litterbox. The litterbox is just outside of the room, and no wonder the poo stunk... She had diarrhea so it obviously isn't good, especially if she couldn't make it to the litterbox.

Turns out that Buffy didn't get the string off her butt. My sister just saw her, and is gagging because she took it and pulled it off. And it isn't string. It's dental floss. Is Dental Floss bad for cats?

Last night, I had a leaf in my room, and i folded it in two and let both cats smell it. It had a jelly-like substance in the inside, like those plants that are toxic for cats, so I immediately put it in the garbage. Can cats get sick just by smelling one? Neither one licked it, and Willow isn't getting sick...


Buffy is sleeping on my sister's lap right now, and my sister just felt Buffy's feet. Buffy's pads are usually freezing cold (like mine, hehehe) but right now they're burning hot. Is that a sign of fever?
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Get Buffy to the vet! She obviously has something going on in her digestive tract or she wouldn't be vomitting, have diarehea and a possible fever. The yellow vomit is bile.

Yes, dental floss is very bad for cats and can cause blockages and other intestinal problems. It is good that she passed the floss, but who knows if there is more? If you don't have a lidded garbage can in your bathroom, suggest you get one or throw out the floss in a garbage can she can't get to.
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wow, where do i start? well, many cats occasionally throw up and the puke you described sounds pretty normal. mostly my cats just throw up watery stuff. yes, cats do like to eat hair and the best way to help that is to feed them food with a hairball transit system (like royal canin) or a hairball treatment serum just to help them with whatever fur they may have eaten. as for taking her to the vet, you should definitely take her if all this behaviour you described is completely out of the ordinary for her (which it sounds like it is). she may have eaten something she shouldn't have...
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Mom just came home, and I told her about this, and told her that Buffy should go to the vet. She immediately said no, that Buffy had her shots and would be fine. I told her that cats still get sick if they get shots (and I'm not even sure she got her shots, as I saw her spay-papers and vaccinations wasn't check-marked). I'm getting really fed up! They are incredibly irresponsible pet owners. Some years ago, my dog had had a nosebleed, and it was pretty bad. It stopped on its own, though, and my parents said he would be fine. Well, a few weeks later, he was at the kennel as we were on vacation. 5 days after we left him at the kennel, he had another nosebleed, and it was even worse. It was so bad that he could have died, if the kennel owner hadn't seen him in time. The walls in his pen were covered in blood. And it turns out that there was a piece of a bristle from a broom up his nose (he was playing with a broom when he got the first nosebleed). I'm going to mention that whole incident with Jake, and maybe they'll get the idea. I'm going to print this page anyways, so they can see other people, responsible people, saying the right stuff. Thanks!
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ACK! Next time, please don't pull anything out of a cat's rectum or his throat for that matter. It could have been twisted around something inside and you could have done something bad by removing it yourself. A cat needs to go to a vet right away, any time you see any foreign object hanging off of them. The cat really needs to go to the vet so he can check her out and make sure she is really okay.
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yeah, I told my sister about that a long time ago, and now she doesn't let them so much as play with a ball of yarn. I guess she didn't know that you can do as much damage by pulling it out of the rectum as you can out of the mouth. I printed the page and gave it to mom, but she didn't get a chance to read it yet. Dad left the gate open this morning, and the dog is now missing. *sigh* What a day...
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Well at least you are trying to be a responsible pet owner. You must insist that your parents take Buffy to the vet, it sounds like 1. The dental floss has caused internal damage or 2. Buffy ate something that is possibly poisonous. Your Mom needs to understand that vaccinations will not protect any animal from household dangers and Buffy could be suffering and in pain and desperately needing attention. Do you have a relative, adult friend or teacher that you could ask to help?
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mom means well, she just doesn't know any better. The parents are thinking about saving their money, and they don't feel the need to go to the vet unless the animal is coughing up blood (and even then, they'll be hesitant, wanting to see if it'll clear up by itself first). I told mom to read the pages I printed here, and she didn't get to it yet. I stuck it on the fridge, and am hoping she decides to read it.
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progress! Mom has said she'll call the vets tomorrow morning and ask for his/her advice.
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I am scared for your cat. The fact that she is vomiting, diarrhea AND dental floss came out of her butt means something is very wrong. If there is more in her that she cant pass, it can get tangled up in her intestines and kill her. I really hope your mom takes her to the vet.

Zoey has eaten hair, mice tails and feathers and has always passed it without vomiting and that alone freaked me out. I keep all strings, floss, yarn, rubber bands, anything long that they will eat, out of their reaches.. in drawers or cupboards.
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