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Will she jump?

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My apartment is on the 3rd floor. I never used to let Midori outside on the patio because it is not screened in. There is a rail but she could easily jump in between the columns. One day I came home from work and somehow the patio door had been left open and she was outside laying in the chair soaking up some sunshine. Since then I have allowed her out but only under supervision because I have always been paranoid of her jumping. My neighbor just told me she would not jump off the balcony because she is aware that she is high up from the ground, is that true? If so, it might be nice to leave the patio door open for her sometimes when we are at home so she can sit in the sunshine... (I would never leave the house with the door open, just while we are there at home)

I forgot to also mention our complex will not allow us to add a screen or anything to our patio that would prevent her from jumping, so unfortunately that isn't an option.
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I have heard too many stories of cats falling off balconys. Never assume she will not jump. I would always supervise her, if it were me.
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I don't have an answer but I kinda have the same question as you, lately we have been looking at new houses, and some are 2 story. I am just scared that one of the kitties will be playing or running and might slip through the railing and fall. I know I am very paranoid about this, I am even considering that we just get a single story, because even if the second story didn't have railing, but had a half wall, the cats would sleep on it and fall off. (we have ha;f walls and they fall asleep on them and roll off, or run and jump to hard and end up sliding right off.

So yeah I have the same question!
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We used to live on the third floor. I put up fisherman netting all around my outside balcony. I used the thin stuff that is really tough and hard for kitties to claw through, and I weighted down the bottom with decorative bricks. It looked really cool when I was finished, and kept my 2 cats safe..(did I just say I used to only have 2 cats?) Those were the days!

The best thing about using this, was it was virtually invisible from the ground. I would never say that a cat wouldn't leap off of high places, because it is a cat's nature to climb and too jump. Don't tempt the fates, find some way to contain the cat on the balcony.
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Or you could consider putting her in a "outdoor portable system" to keep your baby safe!

Here is a website if you want to take a peek.

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here is the website once more
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I suspect they would, at least once and then it would be too late. I have a 2nd floor window I used to keep open and I don't anymore. I put in a window fan though and if it's hot I can run it up there and he can't jump.
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I think it's best not to take any chances, my sister's cat jumped from her second floor balcony once, but wasn't hurt. Those portable cat runs that can be seen in the link Hell603 posted might be the best solution.
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Even if she doesn't jump, depending upon the construction of the building, she might climb down. I have a cat that regularly climbs up to the second floor deck after he escapes and does his "night out on the town." Comes meowing at my bedroom glass slider in the middle of the night or in time for breakfast. But if I let him out on the deck and he feels like doing the town, he also escapes down the posts, even though it is difficult to get to them because the posts are set back from the deck floor. My second cat goes out on the deck all the time and has never escaped. He has climbed up once or twice, though. But he is a much more mellow cat.

I heard of one person who had a cat that would regularly climb up and down the side of their apartment building to the SEVENTH floor.
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Yesterday I had her on the patio with us while we were grilling dinner. We noticed that she is becoming more and more interested in what's over the ledge. I have decided not to let her out there alone at all. Especially since I saw the neighbors cat across the parking lot climb from their 2nd floor balcony up to the roof! I was so nervous watching him climb I thought for sure he was going to fall. So Dori is going to stay put inside. I liked the idea of the kitty walk stuff the Hell603 posted, but then I saw the kitty stroller. I am currently talking my boyfriend into it. He hated the idea of getting a kitty at first, then he fell in love with her, but still hates the idea of spending so much $$ on her, but he's coming around
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