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Bo Protesting

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We got one of the electric litter boxes a while back and we just LOVE it. Unfortunately Bo doesn’t!! We’ve been having problems with her lately doing her numbers in the house. First I thought it was because of Avon, but they get along really well, so shot down that idea. Then I thought, oh great she’s getting a URI and was going to take her to the vet…but….yesterday when she went near the litter box she hissed and ran!! I think she’s afraid of the noise it makes. She’s been going the bathroom in the same place at the house so it‘s not like she’s in pain and associating the pain with the area she goes. *sigh* I’m afraid we’re going to have to resort to a 2nd regular litter box in the house. DRAT…this electric one has been so convenient, always clean, little to no odor….WAHHHH…I don’t want to go back to the regular, but for my Bo I will do anything!
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Awww poor Bo. I've never heard of these litter trays, how do they work?.

If they make a noise like you say i know Rosie would'nt like it either.
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They have them for single cat households or multi-cat households. They’re run by a sensor which picks up when cat enters litter box. It waits 10 minutes after cat exits before it runs. Then it rakes through the litter and dumps it in a container. The lid shuts back down and when container is full you just dump it. It’s wonderful. The litter is always clean and there is little to no odor. I sure hope she adjusts to it! Ours is made by Littermate.
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Sounds like it could scare a timid cat easily. While it seems like a great invention, it would not wwork in my house either!
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I have heard of kitties who refuse to use these, just like Bo. So at least you know she's not alone! As much as I would love to get one, I think my Ophelia would react the same way as Bo...
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Snowball has always been used to a regular litterbox, I don't think it would work at my house either.

This is for anyone who has a kitten...
As far as I know, the automatic litterboxes should only be used by adult cats. Here is a link to a thread about a kitten who was actually killed when using one of these litterboxes.
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Have you ever heard of the Litter Robot? It is amazing. Perhaps Bo would tolerate it...and everything I've read about it says that it works better and keeps the litter cleaner than the Littermaid.

Here's a thread where we discussed the robot a while back.

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