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My cats

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I can't get my pics to load so here is a link to my site with my wonderful cats. www.wearesiamese.homestead.com/sunnygirl37.html
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I loved the beginning of your site and seeing
your Pookie! Pookie is such a pretty cat and the
name Pookie fits! I know you have a lot of other
nicknames for Pookie! I have a question about
your site and that is I could only get a couple
items up on your page and it stuck at 23 items
waiting to load. I waited for awhile and even
clicked on refresh to see if it could reload the
page but it seemed like it was stuck. I could
pull other links up and don't know what problem
is with just pulling up your site. Any suggestions?
I would love to see more!!! I love your kitty
graphics and thanks so much for sharing your
page --
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i pulled the page up fine, i'm not sure why it wouldn't work for you. Maybe its your connection speed or something. try again later, there are many more adorable pics of them on there
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You have very sweet kitties. Molly is a real cutie!!
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Kittylover,your cats are adorable,you,ve taken some great photos and I love all the animations!

Jackie and Felix
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Kittylover, I agree! Your babies are gorgeous!! I think the reason why some people may be having problems seeing all your pictures is because the file sizes on the photos are so big.

I took one of your pictures of Casper and reduced the file size from 190k down to 32k.

Web pictures don't have to be nearly as good quality as ones you're going to print out because most monitors can only "see" 72 pixels per inch (as opposed to prints, which can be 600 pixels per inch or more!) If you have photo editing software, you can usually reduce the pixels (resolution) in the tools.

Hope this helps,
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Your cats are beautifull. I love the color of Molly. She is a beauty.
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Your cats are really cute! as soon as I get some photos scanned I will post pictures of my babies as well.
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your cats are gorgeous! I especially love the blue seal point, the little girl,(sorry bad memory for names !)
I had a fire point kitten a while ago but he passed over the bridge from FIP . Are yours talkers? Boy Zen(that was his name)was
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All the pics are great- but I love the one of Molly falling over in that sweater!:tounge2:
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