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Am Needing Suggestions

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For the past week, Tigger has been wanting to get into our bedroom around 4:30 am... In the process, Scooter, I guess, corners her, and then she freaks out and starts yelling.... A few times, I have put Scooter in a spare bedroom w/ the door closed, thinking it was him, but hubby says it is her. We cant letthe bengals in our bedroom at night because of Fluffy and Cinnamon, because they will get picked on, etc. All I know, is I cant keep getting up at 4:30 in the morning every day... if its not every day, it's every other day... and hubby is getting po'd about it. Someone at work suggested trying to break their routine, but how? Try to keep them playing til we go to bed? Please dont ignore my post ... There have been several times, where I will post, and no one will reply. This is frustrating.
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I hope you find an answer to this problem. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions but I don't want you to feel like I'm ignoring you. My guess would be that hissy might be the best person to ask. Maybe try PMing her if she doesn't see this thread. Wish I could help you more. Must be very frustrating.
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I'm having some of the same problems. How about putting the cats that get along together in a room together. Keeping your bedroom door shut. I have a hard time shutting my one trouble causer up in a room. I'm up frequently during the night with my trouble causer and I find it difficult to shut the door, keeping them out. If you can do it, maybe it would help.
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That could work, however, do you think that it would be cruel or not really? It would only be from 10:00 pm to approx 5:30 am .. the room is small though... I have 5 that roam the house, while Cinnamon and Fluffy are always in our bedroom w/ door closed, except for on the weekends or when someone is home. Hubby thinks it would be mean, but maybe it would train them in a way, or put Tigger in a room by herself, but not sure how that would go ... she got mad when I put her in a room when we were painting!
Hissy if you happen to see this post.... do you think one of the bach remedies that you did a link on one post, would work? I'd be willing to try this as well. I think I need this one: Ultimate Peacemaker
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I really don't have any advice either. The only thing I can think of would be to try to wear the Bengals out with vigorous play about 1/2 before you go to bed.

Tigger, the next time you see one of your posts getting lower and lower in one of the forums, and it hasn't had any responses yet, try bumping it back to the top where it will be more easily seen. This happens to other people too, I don't think your posts are being intentionally ignored. There a lot of threads in these forums, and IMO, that can make individual threads difficult to see.
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I am not really understanding the problem Tigger? Maybe it is just me, but your first post leaves some information out of it and makes it a bit fuzzy for me to follow. You have how many cats? And only a few are allowed in the bedroom? Or are all of them allowed in but Tigger? You are trying to disrupt a normal behavior in a cat, they go into prey mode that time of morning, that is their hunting hours, and putting them into a small room to shut them down, will only tend to frustrate them, which is why they yowl to get out.

It sounds to me like you just might have to many cats for the space you have available to them and confrontations will occur when that happens. I can't give you concise information when I am not sure just exactly what is going on at your house in the wee hours of the morning.
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We have 7 cats. 2 of them are always in our bedroom with the door closed, except for on the weekends or when we are home. We sleep w/ the door closed, because if we do not, the others (the bengals) will pick on them. If you can recall, when we got Tigger a few years ago, Cinnamon bit Tigger (long story), so this is the main reason why we keep them seperated except for when we are home. The problem that I am having is with Tigger .. She is wanting into the bedroom at this time of night. She gets irritated when Scooter follows her. I am guessing that she wants into the bedroom, and he follows her, and when she tries to get away, he corners her, so she yeowls. And, yes, EVERYONE is allowed in the bedroom, except for when we are sleeping. So, I am trying to figure out why she is doing this and how to stop it.. that is all. Sorry if I was not clear I'm tired right now She just started this up last week.....
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Ok well that helps some. I would put a nightlight out in the hallway if you can for Tigger and see if that helps. I would also invest in a couple of pairs of earplugs and sleep with them and ignore Tigger when she starts up. If you don't get up, shout at her, thump the floor or pay attention to her, she will quit her behavior. I would even think about buying a fish aquarium and setting it up in the other room, get a cat condo and set it nearby and give her an alternate place to watch at night. Just make sure the lid is secure and the tank is strapped down, because she could tip it over.

I don't recall the past problems you have had with your cats. I don't read every post like I used to, and my memory is shortened now considerably since my accident. I would play with Tigger rather vigorously right before you go to bed at least 15 minutes, and feed her a bowl of wet food warmed up right before you hit the pillow. I would also start her on Vervain (flower essence) and see if that helps. I also wouldn't think of adding any more cats to your home for quite some time either.
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I don't know if this is something that you would consider doing, but it works for me sorta. I have 5 little rascals of my own, and hubby would complain if they were allowed to run about at night. So I have them their own kitty apartment complex, that is pet porters set up in a pile! I have a big one for the 2 girls cause they are sisters and get along well, and sleep in a pile like kittens and keep each other warm. Then each of the boys have their own, I put old rags in each, or blankets so they are comfy. They seem to enjoy it, compared to other kitties out in the world I guess they have it made. I say it works sorta cause my loud 2, my own tigger and Inky, like to get up early and cry at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. , so I have to get up and let them go, maybe they need potty. So it is nice though cause then if they don't want out so early, at least I know they are ok and not jumping about the house. Hope this helps. hootiecat
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I have a 6 foot cat condo outside my bedroom door. Even though I don't shut the door at night, my bed gets overcrowded and if anyone feels pushed out by the others, they wander over to the condo.
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Thanks for the advice. The flower essence that you recommended, are there any negative side effects to these, or are they all natural? And... where do you buy it from, or is there another name for it? That flower essence place gives the name, but not what it's nickname is (ie bully)

I think I might have hubby move the one tree house closer to the bedroom... see if that works or not. Last night they were both good. Scooter was laying w/ her when I got up. So, maybe me playing with them last night a little helped.
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There are no side effects to any of the flower essences, that is one thing I really like about them.

You can go to organix.com or cat faeries and order the individual essences
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