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Post your furry tummies here!!!!! - Page 4

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That is such a cute picture of Tucker!! You should submit it to the Caption This contest!
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Aww tucker looks so cute, nice pic!
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spyder's little belly
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Spyder! Oh what a kissable belly!
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OMG I love Baylee's pink feet sticking up in that picture!!! Thats great

Here's mine:

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Mischka tummy

Linx tummy
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Oh Adelaide looks so soft and furry!
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Awww! I love Linx's spotty tummy!
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Great tummies!!!!
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I also love the furry tummys.

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Awww beautiful tummies.
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Oh Tricia, looks like Inca's got some kitty yoga going on there!
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Here's Oz's furry tum.
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Godzilla's become something of a belly-rub addict, unlike Mea who really doesn't like to be turned over...

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OMG!! they are all so pretty I want to rub them all!
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got one of Cable cuddling with me, where you can see her tummy really well! love her spotty tummy!

unfortunately, Pixel's still very 'tummy shy'. i swear - she's on her back, i get out the camera, & she turns over!!!!
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Here's Piper showing off her belly:

I'm trying to find one of Ariel, I know I have some but I can't seem to find them!!
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