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Post your furry tummies here!!!!!

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I love furry tummies so much!!! Here is Jeepers showing us her furry tummy!
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and another one!!! Please post your furry tummies too!
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So sweet!!!!
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I don't think there's anything cuter than a furry tummie!!!!!

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Jeepers is very cute! I love his little tummy! Sash also loves to show his tummy. Please go to his website to see some of his tummy pics.

Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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Those are my kitties.
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I LOVE kitty tummies! I'm very lucky, Trent loves having his tummy rubbed so I can get my fill of tummy. Good thing because Ophelia would rip my had off if I tried to rub her tummy!

Love the pics! Jeepers has the most adorable spotted tummy! Roo has a lot of tummy to love. Tigger has such a pretty colored tummy. And Kanga is just cute all over.
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My babies tummies...
Doku: 2 weeks old:

10 months old:

I can't find anymore
What about a doggy?
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Awww they are all SO ADORABLE!
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OMG i could plant kisses all over them!!
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they are all so cute.
how about a kitten's tammie...
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Tamme, Chixyb, Mila - Awwwww what cute fuzzy tummies!!!!

Lisalee - Great website!!!!! Sash is adorable!
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all the kitty have cute furry tummys!!!! heres baci!! system doesn't like her belly rubbed just yet, and she just got spayed soooo...
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what lovable kissable tummies everyone!
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Aaawwww I love all the tummies , how cute . I will have to look later on to see what I can find
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Baci is gorgeous!

Zoey & Saki
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Great tummie shots everyone!
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Here is Purdy in his usual sleeping position. He also sleeps on his back in my lap. I could never get a picture of Red Cat's tummy, though. Besides, it isn't furry any more. He has licked it bare and almost raw. (He is now on an anti-anxiety medication.)

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Aww what a cutie (I hope Red Cat feels better soon)
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AW! Curly tummy fur!!!
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I love kitty bellies!

Here's some Chester belly:

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Liquorice (now named Reggie).

Fang (now named C3PO) with a tummy full of yummy formula.

A blurry action shot of Miney

Tiny's preemie tummy with no fur at all!

Moo (closely supervised by Vegemite)

Lavender waking up.

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Tiger showin' his playful tummy
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And now he's ReAlLy playin'
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OMG they're all so gorgeous!

Chester Liquorice(Reggie)
Fang(C3PO) Miney
Tiny Moo
Tiger Lavender (What a cutie!)
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Oh look at all the cute kitty tummies.

Makes you want to kiss all of them......
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Kitty bellies are so sweet. What a lot of lovelies here. Just went looking in my kitty pics, and there's not one decent belly pic I'm obviously going to have to do something about that!
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her name is EG but we call her budda baby, can you guess why?
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Oh wow!! That photo of EG is priceless
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