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Love of the Bathroom

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My cat Emmet is kinda reserved and a tad bit anti social. Yet if any of us are in the bathroom he starts purring like a mustang... He will rub himself against us vigerously. Also if were going to the bathroom he will put his front paws on our lap, and then tap us on the face with one of his paws (no claws). Its absolutly adorable. Yet as soon as we leave the bathroom he goes back to his normal self. I love that he gets like this. But why the bathroom?
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There seem to be many bathroom-obsessed cats out there! One of mine never ever sits in my lap and is a bit of a loner. However, as soon as I head to the potty, there she is, purring up a storm. AND, I have to put a towel in my lap so she can sit on my lap while I do my thing! I have no idea why the bathroom is so appealing...perhaps it is because they get our undivided attention while we are sitting there!
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thats a good point. Cats are so bizzare....
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Captive audience *LOL*
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My cat will do this also, I think its because we're close to "their" level so we can pet them.
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My kitten loves the bathroom. He insists on sitting on top of the cistern whilst I am on the toilet. He will bat at my hair or back and literally try to get down the toilet. I have learnt to keep that lid shut at nearly all times.

He also watches me in the shower and as soon as I have finished he will jump in and play with the water trickles. It's really cute and funny when he walks about with wet paws/tail and he looks at me as if he is asking how on earth he got wet?

If I am brushing my teeth he will jump in the basin and just watch me then I normally have to get him out so that I can spit and rinse my toothbrush!
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Its good to know that my cat isnt the only bizzare guess the bathroom is just his happy spot...who am i to argue
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Rosie follows me every where, and when i take a bath she comes in and curls up and goes to sleep. I think it's because of the heat and the steam from the bath that makes her sleepy and relaxed!.

Rosie always jumps in to the bath when the waters emptied and watches the bubbles that are left
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Dori hates it when we go to the bathroom and close the door. She cries outside until I let her in, then she insists on sitting on my lap. I used to try and keep her down, but gave up. When she was smaller and I would take a shower she used to climb up on the counter and then jump to the very top of the open bathroom door and sit up there until I was done. Now she has gotten bigger and everytime she tries to get up there she falls down It's so funny to watch. (I used to be scared to death she would get hurt, maybe hit the door knob or something, but she seems to be a pro!)
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Hi, I'm a new poster. After reading this board a few weeks, I decided to sign up. Anyway, both of my cats have an odd obession with the bathroom also. My older cat, Sandy, used to always think he had to come in with us when we went and would sit outside the door yowing until we let him in. However, once we got our kitten Sweetie, he seems to have passed the torch. Now whenever we go to the bathroom, she has to come in and get on our laps. She also loves to play with the water from the facet and even tries to drink it. She's so cute when she tries and then gets wet and looks around like "Were'd that come from?" For some reason though, both of of our cats will only go in with the females of the house. Sandy rarely goes in with males and Sweetie never does. Strange kitties...
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LMAO!! Both of my cats give bathroom love like crazy.. I dont know what it is Zoey will meow and meow and head bonk my legs and arms and anything she can, flop over purring .. she just goes crazy. Same with Saki!! Maybe its because of such a small space??
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Same here!! Whenever I start heading toward the bathroom, Spike comes RUNNING!!!!

Spike goes CRAZY in the bathroom- he will start head bonking my nose and rubbing his nose/mouth real hard against my nose while I'm on the toilet with him sitting on my lap. If I don't lower my face to his face level, he will reach out with his paw and try to pull my head down with his paw then start rubbing nose against my nose like crazy.

If I'm taking a bath, Spike will keep walking on the edge of the bathtub checking it out then he'd attempt to rub his nose with my nose without falling into the water!

Pepper will also come in and start arching her back/butt for me to pet while I'm on the toilet and will keep winding around my ankles while I'm petting her. Whenever I take a bath, she comes running and MUST drink water.. If I filled the tub up but hasn't gotten in yet, she won't drink- She will ONLY drink water from the tub AFTER I'm in ! WEIRDO!

Also, while I'm on the toilet, Buddy will jump on my shoulders, lay down around my neck like a shawl and proceed to try to bat Spike on his head while Spike's rubbing his nose with my nose! Luckily, Buddy has not scratched my face while doing this so far! During baths, he'd sleep on a shelf then as soon as I start drying myself off, he MUST get on my back, lay down on my back until I start trying to shake him off then in his own time, he'll jump off!

I'm telling u- it can be very difficult to do umm business on the toilet with 2 cats on top of you and the 3rd one winding around ur legs demanding attention!

Whenever I have friends over visiting, I always tell them to CLOSE the bathroom door (CHECK To make sure no cats are in the bathroom before closing) cuz I don't want the cats doing that to poor friends!

Zebra is the ONLY one who doesn't come into the bathroom begging for affection. I don't know whether to be thankful or not for that!
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Right after I got Molly (August 2003), she had a fasicnation with the bathtub....get in there and just sit and watch whatever was going on. Then she suddenly stopped going in there (other than to use the litter box). Here about a month ago she suddenly started goin in there again, especially whenever I goto do my business. The funny thing is that, as a guy, she isn't interested in being in the bathtub UNLESS I'm just sittin there goin about my business. She just sits in there and watches me, nothing else. Then once I'm all done and leave, she darts out and back to being her little rambunctious self. Being my first cat after having grown up with large dogs, it is certainly a mystery to me.
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Originally Posted by keiffers
She just sits in there and watches me, nothing else. Then once I'm all done and leave, she darts out and back to being her little rambunctious self.

She is a gorgeous cat!
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Originally Posted by lotsocats

She is a gorgeous cat!
I saw her at the pet store and knew she was the one I wanted. There are many times she makes me wish I hadn't gotten her (LOL) but I honestly wouldn't trade her for the world
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All my four cats come into the bathroom with me. Felix and Buttons walk around the edge of the bath while I am in it. Buttons fell in once and was soaking wet I had to get out to dry her, but she still walks round it. She is obsesses with water though whereever it may be.
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My guy is super friendly in the bathroom too. He likes watching me brush my teeth, drying my hair and he's convinced that dental floss is really some kind of cat toy I'm misusing. He always wants me to help him get on top of the medicine cabinet. There's nothing up there and he has no way to get down by himself, but he thinks it's the coolest place in the house. If I don't keep my eye on him, he'll quickly use me as a step ladder to get up there.
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Scowl, I know you know this, but for others who may not be floss can kill a cat. Make sure your cat never swallows the floss because it can become tangled in the intestines which will require surgical removal.

My cats seem to hate the smell of my toothpast, so they always leave the bathroom as soon as I pull out the tube!
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I thought my Jinx was the only one! She loves the bathroom so much we have put her food in there. We have 6 cats--I think it's just the place she has staked out as her own. It is funny--except for when she's in the bathroom she's not particularly loving--but in there she's a sweetheart!
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My cat drinks out of the bathtub...and I use all kinds of bath products when I take a bath so I usually end up shooing her out. I think my cats are part border collie because they love to herd me everywhere I go.

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Mine loves the bathroom too. He follows me in there. I don't get it either.
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Sally sits in the shower while I'm in there. Thats about the only time she is really sociable. Sam has to check out the toilet when anyone gets done going. I always say to him "YES I covered mine, why can't you cover yours?"
He also sits on the lid while Sally and I are in the shower.
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Add my inside kitties to the list. It is so funny, BK is antisocial until you have to go to the bathroom. He has to sit in your lap and you have to scratch his right ear. Nemo head butts your legs and Scampers sits in your lap and curls up to sleep. What a bunch of crazy kats.
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I was thinking about this again the other day while Dori was in the bathroom with me. Maybe they think the bathroom is THEIR room where we go to sit just to pay attention to THEM I just can't figure it out any other reason why most cats love to be in the bathroom when we are. I think it's cute
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Momo loves the bathroom too! She watches us shower and is REALLY intrigued by water and foam, especially when we're in the bath. Even when I'm at the basin she'll sit in the empty bath tub and she'll often sit in there and scratch it as if it's a litter box?? She'll lap up the water trickles and even tries to drink the drips straight from the faucet (which usually results in water up her nose). We've always got fresh water for her in a pet dish, yet she's rather drink from a puddle or even weirder sneak a drink from our glass or mug of water?? so strange...
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