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Anastasia - needs love

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Here is the text on an ad that I placed for a wonderful woman who does all that she can for pets in need. She's had this little girl for quite a while, but is looking for a forever home for her where she will have the ability to come out of her shell. Read her story:

Anastasia is a very beautiful female cat who has pale beige striped fur. I took her from a shelter who had her scheduled for euthanizing due to her shy nature. I just knew that there was something about this little girl that was special. She just needed time to come out of her shell. Unfortunatly she is still pretty shy due to the fact that my house is rather chaotic with animals, but when no one is watching (at least she thinks no one is watching), she'll come out and snuggle up with me in bed. She sleeps on my pillow near my head at night and I have caught her several times sleeping with my dogs. She seems to get picked on by my other, more dominant cats and I'm sure that's the only reason why she's still hiding. Occasionally she'll come out and play with a less dominant cat. She lays on top of my TV stand and on a cat tree and I feel that she's comfortable there with the view of the room. I would bet that if this little girl was taken into a home with only calm, non-dominant animals or as an only pet, she would really open up. She is already spayed and current on her shots. She's only 3 years old and is not declawed. If you have the time and heart to give Anastasia a try, please feel free to call me, Laura, at 815-478-5320 or e-mail me at mouseII@aol.com.

Also, here is her ad on our site; where you can see her picture:

Click here

If you or anyone you know can give this little girl a FOREVER home, feel free to call Laura or PM me.

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by the way....she's in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and I'd be willing to help with a transport.

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