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Newbie... 0_o

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Hello everyone!
I am seriously thinking about getting a little kitten. I want to adopt one which will like me the most! And which one I'll like too! The only thing is I need some help on HOW TO name my new best friend? I have to admit that I am from Russia and long time ago I had a cat back there, and of course his name was Russian, so now I'd like you to help me with some examples! I know I have to see cat before I'll name it, but I just HAVE NO IDEA from which name to select! I really really hope you could help me!
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Hi! Welcome, I guarantee you, this is a very confortable place to relax.

My main suggestion is this: feel free to use a russian name with him, even if you are on the far side of the moon, as long as you and kitty like the name. That's what matters. And you don't have to admit it, like if it was a sin to be Russian, on the contrary, it's a good thing!

But, anyway, I suggest you don't worry so much about it yet. Worry about the kitten. Who knows, maybe the name will be on how you find him!

Good luck!

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Thank you for welcoming! Ectually I was looking into ANY kind's of names- it doesn't have to be Russian, it just have to sound nice! I am just so confused, really, and so afraid that my little kitty will live long long time without beeing named! I already have a list of things I am going to buy and DO for my new-coming family member, so I just wanted to also get some info about names too. And I want to be prepeared and ready to make his( or her )life as much happy as I can!
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WOW! I just found a great article on how to name my kitty...still- would like to see some more names here..
Ladybug...please..some names???
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Why not use a Russian name? It would be different (though you'll find quite a few here). There are lots of Web sites with suggestions (you can "Google" cats AND names), but generally speaking, a two-syllable name ending in a vowel is often recommended. I abbreviate our cat's name as JC, but his name is actually "Jamie Cat", i.e., Jamie. He seems to respond best to anything ending in a vowel sound, e.g., "Sweetie", "Super Kitty", "Pussy Cat", "Baby".
Hope you enjoy The Cat Site!
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Here's one Web site with an alphabetical list: http://www.kessels.com/CatNames
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Thank you thank you thank you....
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I can attest that adopting 2 kittens..especially if you have to be away for a long period of time, is a really great idea. I was only going to adopt 1 kitten when someone told me that it would be better if I got 2:


It's not that much more food or litter and they can be best friends while you are away.

Good Luck with your kitten.

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Oh, my! Yes, I've read so many articles about adopting two kittens at once, so they can have fun together when I am not home! The only problem with this is MY BOYFRIEND! We live together and desighn about getting a cat was mine. Well he did not really mind about ONE kitty..but two...he might say NO! And I had just a little bit of expirience with cats anyways, so I am kind a afraid.... Thank you for a great link!
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I lived with my boyfriend too and I let him pick out and name the second kitten. That way..we each had our very own kitten.

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Welcome to TCS!! Good luck convincing your boyfriend to get two kitties
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I am so happy I found this site...and I am SOOO ready to get into cat lovers community- ya all seem SOOOO sweet and nice..and relaxed...and..just like your cats! I'll do my best to get two kittens insted of the one! I also found a great site with cat names and their meaning! CAT NAMES
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Hey, may I ask you a question? What does your nick mean? Is it in Russian?
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It means I am your friend..and it's english! Leeka is my name and Yours..well, I think you know what yours mean in English!
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Welcome to the site! Congratulations on bringing home new (a) new kitten(s)!!

We've had a couple of threads of cat names here.

The big one! http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=11088

A recent one: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=33076

Have fun picking out names! We had a really hard time finding the right names for our kitties, but they were fine just being called "Baby Kitty" and "Kitten" for a couple weeks while we got to know them and found the right names.
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Thank you so much!!!!
I am so happy to be here...really-really....thanks for the links
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hello Leeka! Welcome to the board! I named my two kitties based on what is it the easiest to call them for my mom... she can't speak english so she started calling my kitties meow meow and boy boy.. so that became their names... meow meow used to be called piglet anyway.... i attest to the fact that you should get two kitties.. they find much company with each other...they get into trouble together though..hehehe.. twice the joy, double the trouble!
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Everybody seem to like pushing me in this life! OF COURSE two kittens would be wonderfull...or even maybe three??? I just got an e-mail from a local shelter, saying that they have three kittens- two orange males and one black and white female- I have to go and look at them...and what will happen if I will like all of them????? - it's me and this is my boyfriend...see, I think guys are not so intended to annimals as girls...besides- mine just love fish!!!! He used to have a huge tank before we movied in USA...So, anyways, I'll keep ya 'll informed about my new coming and name and everything...I hope as soon as I'll see kitty- I'll know for sure- I WANT HIM HOME! I hope somehow he'll tell me- take me with you! i'll be your best friend forever!!! Another thing that might happen in shelter- I'll se an oldest cat that I'll adore..then I'll take two! I found a great site with huge collection of different names- most of all I liked Italian, Spanish, Indian and African's cats' names....I'll let you know later which one more suitable for my kitten..This is so weird- I have not even seen a little one, but it seem I already know him and he is a part of my life...Got to stop now..But have a question- What should I do with my computer..I have so many wires....
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Welcome! I can't wait to see pics of your furbabies and hear more about them too!
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Welcome and good luck with the future kitties and their names!
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Welcome Leeka anf good luck with the kittie hunt. Btw I have 4 cats and NONE of them get along - toleration is all I can expect
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I am not an alcoholic, but named my cat Midori after the drink. There are alot of drinks that seem to make cool cat names, if I get another cat I am going to name her Sambuka (sp?). I thought Frangelica would make a good cat name also.
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Hello guys! Thank you all for your sweet words and replays!!!
squirtle : I am not an alcoholic also, but i agree with you- Bailys- great name! I also liked yours one- Frangelica- and since my full name is Angelica- I guess I liked it the best so far..But will see my kitty and then will decide, right? I also like Amaretto ( as a word! ) but not sure if that would make a nice cat name....
Have a great day! 8)
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Quite often the kitten will tell you his name. My 2 boys (Pipsqueek and Frantic) named themselves.

As for the wires on your computer, go to the hardware store and pick up a piece of PVC pipe. Its the long white plastic piping. Snake the wires thru there and to the wall. If you are only a short distance away from the outlet, tie the wires together into a neat little bundle. You can pick up wire ties at any computer store. They're made of cloth with velcro closure so its not permanent.
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Great! Thank you, Sweets !!!
I was looking for the proper word in my dictionary- that was hard! Now I know- plastic piping- PVC pipe!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have 6 speakers all over my walls, and then scanner, printer, buffer for speakers, monitor, DSl, phone, TV..My Godness, so many of them! I also have a Wacom tablet with pen which I will have to wrap up and take away every time I am not using it- just because I am sure- that IS the deepest dream of any cat- to chew my pen and wires! ))) Even if it's not that dangerous for kitty- I would preffer her( or him) do not eat my toys..since I am not going to eat and chew his!
Thank you , again!
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Well, guys, I started to do some shopping research and here's what I stock with- which litter box should I get- open one or close? And then which one Litter poweder should I ger for it? Also, what is litter liners for? How do you choose food for your cats? There are so many differer brands!!! dry? cans? natural food? Please, help!!!!
thank you...prrrrr...prrr....
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try this kitty site http://www.petrix.com/catnames/ they have alot of names!!!
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yes, I've cheked that site earlier- thanx...I've decided to wait a little bit and get THE CAT first...and then together with my sweetie will pick a name!
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Originally posted by Yoursleeka
Well, guys, I started to do some shopping research and here's what I stock with- which litter box should I get- open one or close? And then which one Litter poweder should I ger for it? Also, what is litter liners for? How do you choose food for your cats? There are so many differer brands!!! dry? cans? natural food? Please, help!!!!
thank you...prrrrr...prrr....
There are so many products, it can be a bit intimidating!

Litterboxes: Your preference, and kitty's preference really. I have one of each (one covered, one open) for my two kitties, and they rarely use the covered one.

Litter: Stay away from scented litter, most cats don't like the heavy scent. Other than that, whatever brand suits you. Some people recommend staying away from clumping/scoopable litter for little kittens since they tend to ingest some litter, so depending on the age of the kitten(s) you get, you may want to try one of the more natural litters like Swheat (made from wheat), Feline Pine, or Papurr. I use Tidy Cats Scoop for my two, but they are 4 years old.

Food: Boy, this is the great debate! Generally, the main part of kitty's diet should be dry kibble, with water available all the time. Wet food can be used as a treat, or to supplement water intake if kitty isn't all that interested in drinking water straight from the bowl. As for choosing a food, look at the ingredients. The first ingredients should NOT be corn, corn meal, wheat, etc. It should be meat. These are not going to be a food that you can buy at the grocery store (i.e. stay away from Meow Mix, Friskies, etc. They are like junk food for your cat. ). Some foods that are recommended around here are Royal Canin, Science Diet, Science Diet Naturals, Nutro. Just do a search for "cat food" in the Health and Nutrition Forum and you will find more information than you know what to do with! Personally, I feed my two Authority lamb & rice (my Trent has a very sensitive stomach and can't eat chicken), which is PetSmart's brand of food. It is less expensive than some, more expensive than the grocery store brands, but the cats are doing well on it and I feel OK giving it to them.
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I hope you will find the right cat/kitten what will fit best to you and your life stile . I would just go to your shelter and see what they have on cats/kittens and ask as many question as you can think off . Also let them know what kind of personality you are looking in a cat/kitten . I am sure they are more then willing to help you in any way . Good luck finding your sweetie for life
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