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Feeling like crud again

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This morning I virtually woke up because of a strong and acute makes-you-want-to-scream pain in the lower abdomen. Within a few minutes it was gone. It came back an hour later, and went away again. I even thought of the possibility of kidney stones or something similar (in my father's side of the family the kidneys usually come with a fabrication defect not covered by manufaturer's warranty, lol). It has been like that all day. To top that off It seems also, that I ate something that wasn't good, and I've been glued to the bathroom all day.

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Please see the doctor! My hubby was in the hospital in January with something that sounds similar and he almost needed surgery. He had a kink in his small intestine! Please get it checked out!
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You've just scared me out of my wits! . I guess I will better talk to my parents and see the doctor.
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Hope you're feeling better!! It's probably just a nasty stomach bug but you should get checked out just incase.
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I hope you're feeling better, too!
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I hope you've seen a doctor by now, Victor, and I hope you're feeling better too. Let us know!
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Unfortunately I have not seen one yet... the doctor we go to opens only on the mornings and I told my parents at 3 PM. My girlfriend almost ate me alive when I told her that it took me most of day to tell them. I am so secrecive at times, even with things that I ought to say.

I am feeling better right now, but I am feeling with nausea... just ate a two chicken burrito combo from Taco Bell.
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Victor, I can understand why you want to have privacy, but it is in your best interests to let your parents know about things like this asap.
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i agree with Lorie D.. hope you feel much better soon!
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Is there not a virus going around where you live?. But i have to agree with the others about seeing a doctor.
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I didn't mean to scare you! My hubby was trying to be macho about it and that was what made the problem worse! I am sure it is something simple, but it is always best to check these things out.
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I know, I know, just that sometimes I am kind of quiet, if you understand what I mean.

Seems to me that my luck is not the best one on earth. The doctor was not there. I am surprised he went on traveling to Santo Domingo without telling us. My mother needed to get the new prescription for an insulin refill.

Anyway, I think I figured it out already. Very silly. Gases. stinky gases. I presume it is what in English you call constipation. You feel them churning around.... guess I drink too much soda. So there was a link with the diarrhea (sp). No! Don't start laughing! This ain't the first time it has happened... I already know first hand the effect laxatives have. Not the kind of stuff you mix with sleeping pills, trust me.
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Gas has woken me at 3 in the morning thinking I was having an appendicitis attack. Usually if you do some mild body stretches it helps to move the gas out of its little pocket. Then, go stand outside cause no one will want you inside!
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Sorry Victor but that cracked me up because that subject always makes me laugh!!!.My husband used to say i had 'toilet humour'!.
And theres a saying that goes 'Where ever you may be, let your wind go free'.

I'm pleased you've solved the problem though!
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Last time I had that one, I thought I was having a kidney stone! You ain't alone! Of course, no one figured it out until they were already making X-rays to determine the size of it.

And no, nobody wanted me inside right now.
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