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Can I keep Cat out of Dog Litter???

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Just a crazy thought about my Pug Guliwer who is 1 year old! We want to train him to use a litter box (for continuing using the house as a toilet after months of training). The problem with this is THE CAT. Can this be done? Can I keep the cat out of Guliwer's litter box??? Maybe there is a type of litter that cats don't like... Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanx!
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I don't know what to tell you other than that cats tend not to like heavily scented litters or those that are really rough on their feet. But, I wouldn't think it would be a problem to have the cat use the dog's litter box, though I know absolutely nothing about dogs who use boxes rather than going outside.

Good luck!
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There's a product called "Piddle pads" - it absorbs and wicks away moisture. The ad says it contains a special scent that attracts pets to "go", and features antibacterial odor fighters to minimize odors, with a leak-proof backing with sealed edges. It also says that when indoor training is completed, move pads outdoors so your pup will have a familiar scent until he is used to going outside.

The pads measure 23in.by 24in. There's also a "Piddle Pad" tray/holder, to keep the pad from moving.

I don't know if your cat would be very interested in it, since there's no litter for him to cover up his poop and pee.

Guliwer is absolutely adorable.

Jill and Candy
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My ferrets LOVE those things! They certainly do attract, not to go piddle but to dig to China! I've got crazy ferrets.
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Thought I should let interested pet lovers know what is going on with the doggie litter box idea.
Guliwer does go pee in the box; I've lined it with newspaper, so the cat isn't interested!! Guliwer will go in there by himself, but I'm not sure about #2 yet. I found some on the rug yesterday; I will have to continue to put him in his room (the bathroom with the litter box in it) when I leave. I wonder if I will ever be able to leave him free to roam or is that too much to ask? I don't trust him in my bedroom; two times before I caught on, he peed right on my bed. I was crushed. So now he isn't allowed in my bedroom at all. Thanks for the advice!
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