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Kinda Cat Related--Need Board Magic

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Okay, I feel a little foolish asking for this, but here goes....

Some of you may realize that my husband and I have been house hunting for several months now (my parents need to do a 1031 exchange or pay massive taxes because they got lucky last year and they decided to help us buy a house). We've put in offers on several houses so far and lost all of them. We've lost lots of houses before we even got to put offers on them and we've lost even more before we even got to go inside them (that's how fast the market out here is).

On Sunday we found a cute little place that we liked. It's not perfect, but it will do. It's clean, the neighborhood is nice (DH doesn't like the fact a little dog lives next door, remember he's scared of animals, but he'll live with it), and there's plenty of land for Toes to wander on. We placed an offer on it today.

Here's the cat related part. If we get a house, Toes gets to come home (Tailer's staying with Grandpa with whom she's fallen in love) and TTMom will finally get her baby back (that's me).

Here's why I'm posting so sheepishly...could I ask for some good thoughts that we might finally get this house? Or if not this one that we find a good one soon that we will get? We're all getting tired and it's been nearly 2 years since I've seen my baby (I'm trying not to cry, I get so excited every time I think of him coming back out here). Even my stepson (my other baby) is getting tired and wants Toes to come back out here.

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sending u get the house positive vibes! hope you get it!
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Thoughts -- prayers -- vibes -- fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else crossed for you! Sure hope you get your house soon -- if not this one, then one that's even better -- and can have your sweet boy home again.
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Lots of good luck vibes winging their way from Down Under for you Ericka.
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Here's my share of good luck vibes in getting the house soon!
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Oh, I hope you get it - when will you find out?
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Lots of positive house vibes being sent from across the pond
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Sending lots of ((((((SOLD TO YOU))))) vibes!.
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Sending find a house so Toes can come home soon vibes from Cold snowy Iowa
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Oh my,I understand what you are going through so much right now. I live in CA as well and houses are going on the market and selling within 9 hours here. We just started looking at model homes, dreaming and hoping we find one we can afford, yet we can't buy one for at least 6-9 months. How long does it take to build houses? Oh well.

I am sending major find a great home vibes. Whatever one you get you will know it was meant for you since you were the one who got it. Does that make sense?
Good luck!
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Erika, I sure hope you get this house, so your little family can be complete.

Mega positive thoughts going your way.
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I am sending positive get the house NOW vibes your way. We had the same problem when we were looking for a house - we lost so many, but then ended up with the perfect house for us. We ended up working with a wonderful real estate agent who called us the hour a house was put on the market - we bought our house when it was listed for less then 24 hours. It didn't even have a for sale sign on it. Are you working with an agent?
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sending you ((((Good Luck)))) vibes. I hope it all works out for you... Keeping my fingers crossed.
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We have a wonderful agent and we will find out on Thursday if our offer has been accepted or countered or flat out rejected. We're continuing looking. I've been driving through neighborhoods that I like, looking for For Sale signs and taking down addresses.

You guys are all so great!
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Aw Ericka, I really hope you get this house. I really really want Toes to be back with you soon as.
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