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do anyone else's cats go nuts in the evening?

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I was just wondering if our 2 cats bouncing (literally) off the wall every evening was normal, or is there something in the air they breathe? It doesn't seem to affect the dog...

Kermitte, who is normally the "sane" one, has just been tigh-rope walking on the shower railing, jumping up on to the ledge over the cupboards and tearing through the house (with our younger cat in hot pursuit). Elmo will run around like he just got bitten in the behind by some hideous cat-eating monster, leap straight up a wall (he can easily jump 4-5 feet straight up from a standing start! I swear he's part kangaroo!! ), run downstairs and meow like he's just gotten lost and wants his mommy, and come tearing back upstairs... yup. There he goes!
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Yes Diego goes nuts bouncing off the walls everynight around 10:30 when Jon comes home from work. Then about an hour or two later he is calm and asleep in the chair in the bedroom.

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What they only do that in the evening??????

Mine are crazy all day long and unfornuately into the night aswell.

Maybe thy are happy to see you (do you work or are you gone from the house for long periods of time.?)
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Hallie goes bonkers at night! And sometimes Carmella does too. Peaches just sits at looks at them like they're nuts!
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Rocket sleeps when we are at work so when we come home, he is all full of energy and runs around blowing off steam, Luna or Tiwg sometimes in pursuit, Isis just hides from all of it because eventually it means she will be pounced on(which she HATES!).
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mine does that too.. all through the night.... and only at night thank god... if it was the whole day, i tell u i'm getting out of the house!
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Kuce goes bonkers off and on throughout the day and night, especially the evening right before bed.

Sphinx - you couldn't get him to go bonkers unless its a natural disaster or seeing the vet.
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Yup! Not that they don't have crazy spurts at other times, but the 10:30 skitties happen every night. Fawn particularly, as far as bouncing off walls is concerned, but also Fawn and Cindy in mad chases. Suzy's skitties more often happen right after breakfast. Hmmm.. where are they?
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Rosie usually has her mad half hour between 10-11 p.m.

She'll race from room to room, upstairs, back down again, through the kitchen, then the living room, along the back of the 2 seater couch(as if she's on the wall of death), then back up the stairs for a repeat performance!.

She does this until she's worn herself out, and she wears me out watching her
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Oh good! I'm glad I'm not the only one with loco gatos (crazy cats). Kermitte likes to scratch at the walls above the cubpoards and at closed doors like her life depends on it!

Does anyone else's cats get a "what the?!?" look on their face right before they take off?
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Rosie's eyes go huge and her pupils are like big black pools when she's having her mad half hour!. You'd think there was a full moon!
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Isn't it that they have energy at night cause the preditors aren't out as much? Mine is energetic early morning and evening.
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Snowball is another one who starts running around at top speed about 10:30 p.m., and this can happen really early in the morning too, like between 5 and 6 am. Very occasionally, Snowball will start running between 2 and 4 p.m.

Marge, I think cats have these bursts of energy at certain times because they are predators. If our cats lived in the wild, these are the times they would probably be hunting for prey.
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Sash is always active between 3-5AM. He's always been this way. It drives me crazy. The overnight hours are when he loves to eat the most and it's always bathroom time too! That makes him extra crazy.

Lisa & Sash

http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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