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Can someone help

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Yes i am new to the board. I did an introduction. I need to know how to put in a custom signature. I tried but i got it wrong. Thank you so much

This is what i want in my signature. It is just an image.


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Just a test..
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Another test just ignore. that is unless you have a sugestion.
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Hi welcome to TCS! If this isnt enough feel free to ask questions! I'm glad to help!

To post a sig:
Go to: User CP (siny button right below the add squares)and then click edit profile. Then scroll down there is a box that says signature. Go there. Then in a separate window go to a image hosting place(such as www.photobucket.com or whatever you use) and upload your image from your computer. Once you get it uploaded open the first image (you'll have to do this all one at a time) and then right click on it. (make Sure it's not a thumbnail of it!)Then go where it says properties in the box that pops up after you right click. Then highlight all the text beside where it says address/url. Then copy and paste it in your signature box on TCS by going to the User CP (then edit profile) box at the top. In the box type IMG. Then right click and paste the image URL. Then type /IMG at the end. After that place brakets around both the IMG and the /IMG. Brakets are these: [blah bla]. submit modifications and check ur signature by going to a posting you've done (just dont start a thread only to test the new sig). If you did it correctly you should see your signature. That should work.It did for mine.
Good luck and let me know if you need more help
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Oh and by the way, you cant link from your image from the page you have it on unless it's an image hosting site that allows it, or unless you own the website it's on. People get mad if you do. Photobucket is what I use and it's a free image hosting site.

Also you dont have to make a new post to check and see if your sig works. Just refresh the window where one of your posts are.

Oh and welcome to TCS by the way!
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