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(((((((Laurie & Gary)))))))
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I'm so sorry Laurie! I'm sending mega vibes, prayers, thoughts...the whole works to you, Gary & Tuxedo!!!

Many hugs to you all!
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1) I was wrong - Tuxedo was not given a blood transfusion - when was that - Monday? Apparently cats can have a reaction, so the vet would have given him the transfusion Monday, kept him overnight, then performed the biopsy Tuesday. Thank god he didn't have to go through all that then given the biopsy didn't come out.

2) We saw a feline "internal" specialist yesterday. He reviewed all of Tuxedo's test results. I forgot to mention that Tuxedo has an enlarged spleen and a "heart-shaped" heart (meaning some muscle overdevelopment).

Doc said everything points to either cancer (some type of Leukemia), some type of autoimmune problem, or a "newly discovered" disease in cats called Bartonella.

However, blood tests revealed both a low red and low white blood cell count, but a high level of platelettes (sp?). "Very unusual." He is not generating (regenerating?) red blood cells.

He checked the red blood cell count again, which was now 12. Ultrasound revealed no masses. Spleen was uniformly enlarged. Heart muscle most likely overdeveloped because the anemia has been very slow onset.

Interesting note: specialist told us that eating litter (a problem Tuxedo has and a concern we brought up with his normal vet) is very often a sign of anemia!

Bottom-line - time is now an issue, and diagnosis critical. So instead of doing just more blood work and testing, he felt it imperative that we go ahead and get tissue samples, despite Tuxie having just been through this Monday.

He had two different types of bone marrow samples taken, a spleen "aspirate."

We picked him up just before the snowstorm hit here at midnight. They left the catheter in his leg, taped up, because he's going in for a blood transfusion today.

So we're going in with Flowerbelle, who's getting her eye out today, and Tuxedo.

We've been up all night preventing him from ripping at the bandage on his leg. Poor boy looks like he's been a pin cushion, with little bits of bare skin peeking out in various places all over his body.

But he's handling it REALLY well. He was very happy to be home, and despite our intervention at his ripping at the bandages (we tried a collar, but it was just too depressing. He kept backing up and bumping into things, shaking his head around, and we could stand about five minutes of it), he purrs when we pet him. His happy purr, not his "I'm scared" purr. He's not shedding excessively, doesn't ever fight being put into the crate, and is traveling really well. I hope he keeps this up, because I have a feeling he's going to need to do quite a bit more before this is through.

Thank you all again for the good thoughts for his recovery!

The blood transfusion will "buy" us about 2 - 3 weeks. Cats don't take to "foreign" things in their system well, and their bodies attack it like it's sick, so they "eat up" the new blood within a few weeks. If you're lucky, three. And each successive transfusion lasts for less time.

Test results should start coming within two days, and all results should be back within five.
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You poor things, i really feel for you and your babies.
I hope Flowerbelle and Tuxedo fight back!

I know what you mean about those collars as well!. When Rosie was spayed she was walking backwards and bumping into things, and with being drowsy still she was falling all over. Very stressfull to watch them!
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The poor baby! This just has to be so devestating for you and Gary. I will keep Tuxedo and now Flowerbell for her surgery, in my prayers!
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Laurie, you guys are in my thoughts.
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Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about this! I hope Tuxedo will be ok. I'll be thinking about you and your crew!
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You and your family are in my thoughts!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

At least this stage of the process is going well, so far.

Flowerbelle is awake and "doing great." She's on pain killers and will be so at the hospital through the night.

Tuxedo is just about done with the transfusion. No sedation required because the other hospital had left the IV tube in place. He's currently curled up asleep while this goes on. What a good, strong, brave boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They'll keep him overnight to make sure there's no reaction, but it looks good so far. We get our final update of the day at 8:00 tonight.

We call at 8:00 am tomorrow to make sure, but Doc expects they can both come home with us at noon tomorrow.

The rest of the pins and needles (for us, not Tuxedo) is now just waiting for test results.

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! It has made such a difference to me (and all of us), but especially me, to have this place to come to just to write about Tuxie and Flowerbelle. That alone helps me feel better. But knowing that so many people are sending up "be healthy" vibes, thoughts or prayers really helps me deal with the uncertainty of what is happening.
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Lots of healing prayers for Tuxedo, and also for Flowerbelle too.
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Laurie, I'm so glad things are going OK so far. I'll keep sending vibes and prayers and get well soon thoughts.
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that's great news to hear. Glad that things are going well.. more healing vibes for both flowerbelle and tuxedo!
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Laurie, I'm glad to hear that things are going reasonably well. Will be thinking of you as you wait for further developments -- lotsa good healing vibes and prayers, and lotsa scritches for the kitties.
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Is Flowerbelle home yet? I hope she is feeling well. How is Tuxedo today? I hope the transfusion has given him some energy.

I've been thinking a lot about you, Mike, and your wonderful feline family. I hope things are goind as well as possible.

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Tuxedo is doing GREAT! The transfusion was a success, and his red blood cell count is up to 24, about 2/3 of his normal.

He's alert, happy, loving, hungry, and PLAYFUL!

Flowerbelle is OK, not great. She's really out of it. She was purring and wanted a little bit of love when she came home. But overall she seems a little dazed and very out of it. She trembled a little bit when walking, and is pretty nauseous. We called the vet, and he said it's not unusual, just keep an eye on her, and given how she feels, best not to feed her until tomorrow. She curled up in a corner she'd never hung out in before and sat there looking uncomfortable for several hours, but is finally curled up asleep.

Of course her face looks a little gruesome right now with the triangle patch shaved around the left side of her face and the "frankenstein" stitches across her left eye. But she'll be soooo thankful - no more meds and no more cleaning that mess.

Now all we need are Tuxedo's test results....

But we did, finally, get some sleep last night. I actually fell asleep at about 9:30 and slept, only waking up a couple of times for a short while, until 9:00 this morning! And I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get a solid night's sleep tonight. Little by little!
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Laurie, I'm so glad they are home. Glad both things were successful! What brave kittys you have, I hope the test results come back OK. Let us know, good luck and well done..!
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OMG I just now see this thread .

I am soooooo sorry about Tuxedo (((((((HUGS))))))) Gosh , you guys go through a lot lately , bless your heart . First Flowerbelle and now Tuxedo .

I sure will keep both in my prayers , Flowerbelle for healing and Tuxedo for good news and health
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Flowerbelle has joined the ranks of DOING GREAT! She woke us up in the middle of the night meowing for food! (She's welcome to eat the food everyone free-feeds, but she likes her kitten food and eats it in the bathroom, so when she wants to eat, she's used to meowing for it, LOL!)

She was HUNGRY. And she slept on the bed like usual after that. And she seems pretty much her perky happy sunshiney self this morning.
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great to hear all those good news!!
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That is great news . I am so happy for Flowerbelle and for you .

I keep Tuxedo in my prayers
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I am so glad Flowerbelle is feeling like herself again and am beyond happy to hear that Tuxedo was felling well enough to be playful.

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Excellent news!!
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That is brilliant! I am so happy!
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I am so glad they are doing well! I hope that the tests for Tuxedo come back with something that is treatable!
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I'm so glad they are doing better! I know they are both glad to be home!
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Doc said he'd call today. We didn't want to drive him nuts - he was the only vet in at the Animal Emergency center today, but we still left like four messages. But we got off the phone with him literally a minute ago, and ....

Tuxedo does NOT have cancer! Tuxedo does NOT have Leukemia! There are a few other disease tests not back yet, but everything, so far, is negative.

The bad news is his bone marrow is not working, period. The good news is, IT CAN.

The worrisome news is that today he was back to his listless, dull-looking sick Tuxedo. Vet is worried about his current red blood cell count. If it's still high enough, he goes on three meds immediately.

Prednisone we have, and have already started him on it. The other two drugs, one to stimulate white blood cell production and one to stimulate red blood cell production, will be administered tomorrow morning.

If his bone marrow responds, we'll know within 7 - 10 days. If it doesn't, then he'll go on anti-cancer drugs, the intent to block whatever immune response is going on in his body that has caused his bone marrow to shut down.

But the hope is that these drugs will not only stimulate red and white blood cell production, but will then cause his bone marrow production to kick in independently. He cannot remain on these drugs for "months," as cats frequently have an adverse reaction to the drug that stimulates white blood cell count if administered much longer than a month.

C'mon Tuxedo - please, please, please let your bone marrow respond to these drugs and take over on its own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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better and better news come each time i check this thread! Sending tuxedo positive vibes to work on that bone marrow!!!
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That is great news . Hopefully the rest of the test will come back positive too .

I will keep Tuxedo in my prayers
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I'm so glad the nasties are getting ruled out, and there's something to treat. Mega vibes for the bone marrow!!! And of course for the kitty and his humans!
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Oh Laurie! I'm so happy for you and Gary and Tuxedo! Sending lots of bone marrow recovery vibes!
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