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Tuxedo could really use some board magic!

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Tuxedo seemed despondent and wasn't nearly as active or social as he "normally" was. His nose and gums looked white, not pink, and it seemed like he'd lost more than just his "winter" weight. He was eating and drinking like normal though. The changes were very subtle - enough to make us think there wasn't a problem. But we just weren't sure.

So we took him to the vet. The initial tests came back and he was extremely anemic. The next batch of tests came back, and the vet feared FIP (which is "highly infectious" and often lethal within a fairly short period of time). Of course we completely freaked.

We rushed all the other cats to the vet, and everyone was in isolation for several days until all the tests came back from Cornell. Fortunately, Tuxedo tested negative for the corona virus (FIP is a corona virus). Everyone else had negative or very low titre counts.

But given the extreme anemia, Tuxedo obviously has a health problem.

He went in this morning for a blood transfusion and they took a bone marrow sample. He's back home with us, but very woozy, with one hip shaved and with staples in it, and his front leg partially shaved. He is SO loving right now, just purring and headbumping Gary to no end - we just want him to lie down and get some sleep!

Anyway, there are a lot of things that could be causing the anemia, but of course the first test is to see if his bone marrow is working properly. We're really worried about cancer, though if his bone marrow is working properly, it could be some type of autoimmune problem.

But no matter what the problem is, it's not good! He looks even thinner this week than last, though he appears to be eating normally (and it has appeared so all along) and he is definitely drinking like normal. Even without the effects of the anesthesia, he has no energy whatsoever, and spent the past few days doing not much but sleeping.

Gary's very special little boy appears to be wasting away, and Gary is out of his mind. He's worried to distraction, cries frequently, and is just completely sick about this. And that's an understatement. This isn't to say I'm not upset - but - well - here's Tuxedo's story.

He's Daddy's boy. And we so need him to get well! Any good thoughts, prayers or vibes you could spare for Tuxedo, we'd all so appreciate it!
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Oh, no!
Sending prayers that he'll get better very soon! Such a sweet boy.
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I am very sorry to hear about your baby Tuxedo Sending lots of board magic his way. My thoughts are with you, Gary, and Tuxedo boy.
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Tuxedo has all the healthy energy I can muster coming to him! BIG HUGS to you and Gary while you wait for the test results.
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Sending lots of love and good thoughts to little Tuxedo.
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Sending any and all vibes and good thoughts to Tuxedo.... and healing thoughts to You and Gary
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I'm sending you healing vibes and prayers
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Oh no after all that little boy has been through! Sending all the get well vibes I can for him!!!!!!!
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sending him lots of good vibes and positive energy! He will be fine!
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Oh no!! Poor Tux and Gary.

Sending get well soon vibes to Tux and Many HUGS to you and Gary.

Get well son Tux.
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Oh, poor sweet Tuxedo! Lotsa vibes and good thoughts for him and his family, both human and fur.
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Warm fuzzies....I almost wish I hadn't read that (it's so sad), but I'm sending all the love I've got your way.
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Oh Laurie, I'm sending prayers, hugs and vibes for Tuxedo, Gary and you.

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I am sending huge get well thoughts to Tuxedo. Get better Tuxedo! This instant.
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'Get well soon' vibes for Tuxedo. ((((Hugs)))) to everyone else!
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Sending all my love and get well vibes for Tuxedo. Take care of yourselves, too!
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Oh No! I hope he starts to improve soon. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry he isn't well.
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I don't know how I missed this!

Tuxedo is in my thoughts, I hope he pulls out of this very quickly!

My thoughts are with you and Gary and all the furkids!
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Lots of 'get well tuxedo' vibes being sent out
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Oh, I'm so sorry Tuxedo is not doing well. Poor Gary. I'll be thinking about all of you.
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He is one strong and resilient kitty! He will get better...his daddy needs him! I will keep him in my prayers. I hope that he gets stronger and better quickly!
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I'm praying for her, and for your entire family.
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Tuxedo, and you and Gary, are in my thoughts. Tuxedo looks so much like JC that I'll be thinking of him every time I look at Jamie.
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This is so scary. I feel so bad for Gary and for you. I hope the vet can figure out quickly what is causing the anemia and especially hope that it will be easy to cure.

I am mustering up all of my healing energy and sending it directly to Tuxedo.
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Oh No Tuxedo is in my thoughts, along with you and gary!
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I can't thank everyone enough for all your good thoughts, vibes, prayers and support for Tuxedo and Gary (and me).

Unfortunately, there was "debris" in the bone marrow biopsy, so there are no results.

We've basically moved into automoton mode.

Our vet has referred us to a specialist in feline internal medicine. Tuxedo's file is being transferred and we meet him tomorrow (Thursday) at noon.

Again, thank you so much on behalf of all of us.
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I hope that this new specialist will be able to help! I am still sending prayers and healing vibes Tuxedo's way!
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Thanks, Ady. I cannot even begin to tell you how upsetting this is that the biopsy was worthless. Poor Tuxedo went through all of that fear and pain for nothing. Now his hip is shaved, he's got staples in that have to come out in (now) 9 days, his front leg is shaved... poor little boy!!!!
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omg!! This poor cat.. I am so sorry I hope you find out what's wrong with him soon (((( hugs ))))
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