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spitting his medicine out?

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Hello and thanks for reading my post. How can I give my cat rocky his medicine without him spittimg it all out. He will actually drool at the mouth. It is liquid form. Please help.
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What are you giving him? Antibiotics? Clavamox or amoxy drops?
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we are giving him anti-biotics and amitriptyline
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Well the drooling is pretty common it is a reaction to the medicine the taste of it and the stress of giving it to him. I would ask your vet to convert the antibiotic to pill form for you and then buy a pill gun so that you can just shoot the pill down the throat. You can get a pill gun at the vet for a few dollars. Do you mind if I ask why they are giving him amitriptyline?
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Because of his peeing. He said that it should calm him down. Rocky does not seem to be stressed at all.
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I am moving this to behavior for you.

Ok, I just got your email and I would suggest that you take a look at this thread and see if anything clicks for you there:


Also the medication will make your cat drool- it is part of a stress reaction as well as the taste of the medication. If the cat is peeing all over the house, you have to break down the urine with a good enzyme cleaner.If you don't the cat will return time and time again to pee in and around the same spots.

One of the best products out there is Nok-Out and you can order it online here:


I would also try trashing your litter pans and replacing them with new. You said the cat has been to the vet, have they drawn urine directly from his bladder via a needle? That is the easiest and the best way to find out if the cat is suffering from a UTI. If they haven't done that, I would recommend that you do this soon.

You also said he was 10 years old. I would take him in and have his blood levels checked, as this is the age to start that. Older cats can have breakdowns of internal organs and he could have something working inside of him that is causing this loss of urine. The medication he is on can also stop his urinary output, so you have to be careful and make sure that he is peeing. Also invest in a blacklight flashlight and check your home for urine stains, you will be surprised how far it can travel.
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I had to give my kitty liquid antibiotics for 3 wks when I first got him, and it ended up being a big chore each time. First off, make sure his claws are well-trimmed (I learned that one the hard way!). The best way I found to give the medicine was with a plastic syringe. I would dip the end of it in the gravy of his wet food, and, when he started to lick it, I could shoot the medicine in his mouth. Make sure that his mouth is facing up when you give the medicine though, otherwise he'll probably just hang his mouth open and let it all fall back out... Good luck!

Kristi :-)
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I find that giving pills is soooo much easier that giving liquid.

But, to help with the liquid....do not squirt the whole syringe full at once. Instead, put the opening between his cheek and teeth (rather than on his tongue) and squirt it in just a little at a time. By giving the liquid slowly and not squirting it down the throat (where he will feel like he is choking) you will have fewer problems. But...I still recommend asking the vet for pills instead!

Good luck!
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