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Need Advice - Claw Trimming

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Does anyone have any tips/tricks on how to trim the kitties' claws? I have several types of clippers ... little scissor-like ones, the gulletine type, and human type. I handle/massage/squeeze their little paws when I am just holding them on my lap and they let me do this without a problem. But when I try to trim their nails, they squirm, scratch, and try to get away (I usually only get one or two nails done). I don't have anyone to help or hold them for me. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, I didn't start to trim our cats' nails when they were real young. When I did start, I had the same problem you are having. This probably isn't the best advice but basically I had to hold them as firmly as I could, holding them close to my body with my arm, with the foot I was attempting to trim in one hand and try to trim with the other. I would talk gently to them and tell them how wonderful they were when I was done. After several months of this they no longer ran away when I approached them and I don't even have to hold them tightly anymore. I also found it's a good idea to try and trim their nails when they are sleepy. They tend to sit still better than if they are in a playful mood and want to run around.
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Oooohhhh, it is so hard for me to trim Scooter's little toes and fingers. I usually just hold them and do a quick trim. If I can't get to all of them, I wait. Gizmo is 7 months and Tigger is 1 year and they both despise me when I trim their nails. It's like they think I am hurting them. I've found the best way is when they are actually sleeping! No fuss or anything. Now, last night, I let them attack the catnip bag which helped, but not a lot. Bribing them with treats help, but they usually figure it out by the time I grab one of their paws!
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Has anyone tried the "Klaw Kontrol Cat Restraint"? I found it at the Petsmart web site. It looks like a little sack you put kitty in so they can't squirm around when you trim their nails. I'm afraid it might be mean or scare them even more to put them in that thing. Any comments? Anyone try it? (Of course, getting them in the sack might be harder than triming their nails.)

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I know groomers will sometimes use something similar. I have never had to go it alone with claws. Donna, here on the site does it to all 6 of her cats. Hopefully she pops in here.
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I do it to all three of my cats and I started when they were little but they still aren't crazy about it. I have to craddle them like a baby and hold them really tight against my body and then it's just snip, snip, snip! Toonces is the worst because she is the only who absolutely will not tolerate being held so I have to talk to her while I'm doing it!
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How do you keep your cat from biting you while you are trimming their claws? I am about to adopt a cat, and need all the advice I can get.
Also, is it common to trim the back claws also? It appears so, from what I read here.

Also, if they get mad at you for doing it, do they forget and forgive? Or will they hold a grudge and turn into an angry cat.....

Thanks for your advice.

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My Mandy doesn't seem to hold a grudge no matter how mad she might be during the trimming.

When she is released she doesn't run away; just sits & give a look like "What do you thing you're doing?"

Yesterday she was more angry than I've ever seen her; she was even hissing & spitting which I've not see her do before. One of my friends who she know very well was holding her. This was first time this person had held her for nail trim & I think Mandy didn't like the way she held her.

After I gave up the clipping idea she just sat & sort of glared at me. She was so mad she wouldn't even let me scratch her ears to "make up." When I tried she just moved her head away & gave me a 'look'. Within a couple of minutes she was back to her usual self.

I don't know about other cats but Mandy seems to be very forgiving. (Even of being accidentally stepped on.)

Good luck with you kitty.
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Thanks, Mandycat

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Coming in a little late on this...
We just got a Miller's Forge nail trimmer with safety guard from Drs Foster and Smith catalog, and it cuts through both our kitten's and dog's claws "like buttah"! Have yet to try it on my Sateycat though. *Off to read the advice for trimming a 14 pound cat's nails *
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Thank you! Thank you!!

I just looked up the Drs. Foster and Smith site, and they have EVERYTHING I am looking for! I did not know about them. What a great website!

::bowing down to Illusion:: All hail Illusion!! LOLOLOL


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Hi guys

I successfully clipped my kitties front claws when she was asleep today!! Yay!

The thing is, I don't think I got enough. I was squeamish about going to far.

I go the Millers cutter with nail guard, but I find the guard a pain cause I can't see what i am doing, and so I just move it out of the way., But they clip great.

My question is.... I know there is a vein that goes into the nail. If cut, it bleeds. But does this cause the cat pain? Has any of you had the experience of clipping, cutting the vein and other than bleeding, the cat is hurt at all?

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Well yeah, it stings. They fuss quite a bit. It would be like cutting that little peice of skin under our nail bed. We have been clipping nails for over 5 years and we have only made one bleed twice. If you are only comfortable with clipping the tops, then just cut them more often. You just dont want to slack off too much because then the quick continues to grow.
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Well, I figured it would hurt.

The thing is, when she came to us a week ago, her nails were very nicely clipped. They have almost grown back, in a weeks time!!! OY.....

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Yeah,we try to clip everyone about every 2 to 3 weeks. As soon as they get long enough so that when we pick them up and they pad us, it hurts......oooops it must be that time again.
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It think you all are brave souls. I guess I do it the coward's way I take my boy to the Vet to be clipped. He dosen't fuss and we are in and out in
5 minutes flat.
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You are all brave souls. Dani rarely sleeps so soundly that I can move around, let alone clip her nails without her waking up. I took her to a grooming place last time but they had an inexperienced person clip her nails and Dani got nicked on one toe. It was not very pleasant.

A more experienced person at the place showed me a better way, she tucked Dani under her arm snug but not till she was uncomfortable, then just grabbed and snipped. I'd take Dani back but she doesn't like riding in the car, she crys the whole time and it just breaks my heart. Besides, if I don't look at her from time to time, she crys even louder. :tounge2:

It's soon time for me to snip again. Wish me well
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I never used to do the nails or bathing until I had more than 3 cats. I always found they were much better when they were out of the house and in someone elses hands. They feel much more comfortable lashing out at home and with thier owners than they do a stranger. However, once we hit 4 and kept growing, it became clear that I couldnt take 12 cats to be groomed. We sucked it up, and the cats have gotten pretty good about it. It becomes an issue because if they are playing or fighting, the claws could do some damage. I actually mark the calander for every 3 weeks with "clip nails". I have noticed that the ones that used to cry like I were killing them, have now just given in and only fuss a little.
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