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Lets see,
Rusty was 10 in November, Babycakes will be 10 this May, Hef-cat will be 8 this year, Yum-yum will be 7 this July, Twinkletoes will be 3. Not sure about my ferals, except Tigs who will be a year old sometime May/June and the two kittens who are about 6 months old
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Prince will be 16 on April 7th, and Lily is estimated to be about 2.

The pic of Princess is old though, that was when she was about 2! (And I was 13, which explains the heart comforter!)
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My Candy is about 20,21 months old, but she's very mature for her age.

Jill and Candy
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Snowball is 12 1/2 years old and will have another birthday in September.
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Summer is 2.5 years old. She will be 3 in September.
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my baci is 8 months and system is 6 months....there still litte babies...well baci isn't hes a big boy!! and system still looks like shes 3 months old!!!
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Zoey is 2
and Saki is 8 months
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CC is about 15 maybe a bit older
Dog is 3
Muffin is 2 this month
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Patches is Approx 14 months , Bellah is in her 5th yr
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hehe...looks like Mittens found one of his cousins! They look so much alike. Mittens will be 8 on September 26.
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Beau just had a birthday; he was 12 years old on March 15. Felicia is 14 or 15.
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I gave all of mine birthdates. We know the dates that Scarlett, Muddy, Koko, Dakota and Sage were born. Just guessing the rest based on when we found them and how old they looked. I keep this info along with their vaccination dates on my refrigerator so I don't forget!

Shep February 1, 1988 (16 years)
Stumpy April 22, 1995 (9 years)
Tigger October 1, 1996 (7-1/2 years)
Eight-ball October 1, 1996 (7-1/2 years)
Bob Marley July 4, 1998 (6 years)
Pinky April 20, 2000 (4 years)
Scarlett August 30, 2001 (2-1/2 years)
Muddy Waters April 22, 2003 (11 months)
Koko Taylor April 22, 2003 (11 months)
Dakota May 5, 2003 (10-1/2 months)
Sage May 5, 2003 (10-1/2 months)
Spanky July 21, 2003 (7 months)
Oscar August 14, 2003 (6 months)

D*mn I have a lot of kittens!
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Momofmany, I don't know how you do it. I have ONE cat who wants to be around me 24/7, won't eat by herself if I don't go to the food bowl with her when I'm home (thankfully she goes to the litterbox by herself), is upset if I don't want to stay in the room she wants to stay in, seems to want to play when I'm sitting down to eat and also when I want to go to bed (even though we played not too long before). I have to look while I'm walking so I don't step on her because she's always underfoot. I'm exhausted!!!

But I love her more than anything.

Jill and Candy
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Originally posted by iluvcandy
Momofmany, I don't know how you do it.
Ya just gotta learn to pet 2 at a time with each hand and learn to scritch them with your toes.....oh yeah, and this while you are head butting another. LOL
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I had adopted Kolohe and Koa last year from PetsMart. I've estimated that Kolohe will be turning 1 yr. old in two weeks. And Koa will also be turning 1 yr. old in about 3 1/2 weeks.
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My three are about 2 and a half years old. We celebrate their Birthdays on Oct. 1st
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