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How old is your kitty?

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I was just wondering how old everyone's kitties are? It's so hard to tell by looking at cat pictures because we all know cats never show there age!!

My boy Sash is 11 and I don't want him getting any older!!

Lisa & Sash

http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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Sash is a beautiful boy!

meow meow is close to two and so is boy boy.. but boy boy is two mths younger than meow meow.. they still have many more yrs to go!
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Perky will be 10 next mo. and Daisy will be 11.

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I have no idea. Sam is somewhere between 7 and 9. And last year, when I adopted Bailey, the SPCA estimated 4, but my vet thought that was a bit too old, so I am saying that she is 4 or 5 this year.

And I am a bit more confident about my ability to estimate age, because the neighbours adopted a cat and told me she was 3. I said, no way, that is a one year old cat. And they found out that she was, in fact, just turned one. (They met the woman who moved away and left the cat behind, thinking that the neighbours, not these people but a really irresponsible family, were going to adopt her).
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Originally posted by lisalee
I was just wondering how old everyone's kitties are?
http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
Which one?! Let's see... Peaches is about 6, Carmella is about 5, Henrietta is aprox. 4, and Jake and Hallie are about 2.5 years. Jake and Hallie are the only ones I know their actual birthdays.
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My kid Patches is 7 years old.... She will be 8 after Easter and Tiger my half-kid is 5 years old she will be 6 in August.
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Anastasia is exactly 7 months and 3 days old. Had to get a calender and count.
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Opie is 5, Rowdy is 2 and Buddy will be 2 in June.

My dogs, Ike and Pearl, are 4 and 1 1/2, respectively.
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I guesstimate that Howard is about 16, but I can't say for sure since he came from the Humane Society. Toby is 18 months.
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Good grief, I couldn't begin to tell you- except for Cleo who will be 12 years old this year. He is the only cat I have who lives strictly outside all the time (his choice) has only been to the vet to get neutered and I was lectured to never bring him back! LOL To say he is feral is an understatement. Feral to all but Mike and myself. The trips are under a year old, Bailey is 9 and I have no clue how old the others are-
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Shadow will be 8, Graycie will be 5, Elsa between 2 and 3, and the kittens are 7 months and 9 days old.
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Twig will be 6 in April
Isis will be 5 in Aug
Rocket will be 5 in Sept
And Luna will be 5 in Dec
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Suzy will be 5 in August; Cindy and Fawn will be 3 in May
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Patches will be 4 in May and Alley is 7 months old
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Hard to say since they are rescues but we can only estimate their ages.

Sphinx is somewhere around 18 years (give or take a couple).

Kuce is somewhere around 10 - 14 years (give or take a couple - but no less than 10).
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Toes is about 6 and Tailer is about 5. OMG, I didn't realize my kids where THAT OLD!!!!!
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Tarka is 15mths and Luca is 13mths. Munchie would have been 8 last weekend. :-(
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Peppurr will be 3 on March 31st and Zeus will be 1 on April 7th! Time flies so fast!
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Simon will be four this year and Max will be three. In looking at all the replies, I have young kitties!
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Rosie was 2 last week. So to date she's 2 years and 5 days!
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Well lets see - Tulip is 18, Mischa is about 12, Fat Katy about 10ish and little Dirt is about 3 or 4
Not good at birthdays!
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Willow will be 2 next month and Blad just turned 6 months old.
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Marshmallow is about 6 years old and Graham is almost 7 months old.
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Loki just turned 4 and I know what you mean!!!
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I'm not sure about Felixia - I believe she's about 16 now. Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot are 10, Oreo is 8 or so, and Tiger Lily is about 8.
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To make it easier I will give the ages in the same order as their pictures on my signature!
Left to Right-
Doku:11 months, Mia: 3yr, Neko: 1yr, Mittens:8yrs, Gizmo: 14yrs
Left to Right-
Onyx:3yrs,Princess: 4yrs, Scooter: 3yrs, Taylor: 4yrs

Heh, there ya go!
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My cat is about 18 months old.
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Ivo will be 4 on Halloween (no, I don't know if that's her real birthday, but she found me in late October and the vet thought she about a year old).
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My Blue Point Siamese cat, Snoopy is 19. He's my best friend in the world.

My Seal Point Siamese, Shane is 6 1/2, and my Bengal Simba, will be 1 year old on April 24.
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Jamie will be five on April 28.
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