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dry verses wet food

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I've been feeding my 2 cats dry foodevery day with wet food about 1-2 times a week. Is that good or should they be getting more wet food?! I find that my Dexter is shedding a lot, could this be the reason, or is it just because he is a short haired cat?! give me your feedback on eating habits for your cats i want to give them the best nutrition they can have

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My cats get their main diet of dry food and three of them get a small portion (aproximately 2 oz) of wet food daily. I'm not sure about the shedding thing and dry vs wet food. I've never heard that but there are others on the boards that probably know more about that then I. I didn't think short haired cats shed much?? I have 5 persians so mine shed all the time!
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Hi Michelle,

I asked my previous vet the same question. She's a cat specialist and said she feeds all her cats only dry food. But I read somewhere that that's not very good. I'm alittle confused too.

My cat eats maybe 1 oz. wet food every morning. If she wanted more, she would let me know, believe me. The rest is Wellness dry food, a little more than 1/2 cup per day, which she loves. Wellness doesn't use artificial ingredients or fillers. I know my cat drinks enough water throughout the day. She's a short hair and sheds, but I don't think she sheds all that much daily, but I'm really not sure what alot is. I brush her everyday, and notice that I'm brushing out about the same amount of hair everyday.

You should make sure that whatever food you give them has meat as the first ingredient. A premium food is best.

Jill and Candy
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I read that cats need to get some water from their food not just from drinking water. And it helps kidney functioning for them to have wet food at times. I give mine a half can a day, and have dry out at all times and he isn't overweight at all. And is very healthy.
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thanks for the feedback everyone
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Sierra's vet recommends wet food over dry, so the majority of her food is wet. She loves Innova Lite in the can, and gets dry food mainly as treats. She likes it this way too, because she really prefers wet over dry! Isn't this shedding season? Sierra has been shedding more just recently.
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I give Guinness kitten wet food in the morning and evenings. As I am out at work during the day I leave him out some dry kitten food so he can nibble if he is hungry. I also do this because I don't like the idea of leaving wet food laying about all day.

Talking about fur, he sheds a lot too even though he is short haired. Vet said he is perfectly healthy as he has such a shiny glossy coat. I also brush him every week even though he is short haired just to make sure it's kept in top condition.
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I don't think the shedding thing has anything to do with however the food is wet or dry. Shedding is aften caused by lack of some vitamins or fat acids. Vitamine B and E are good for the fur. And fat too, since it contains fat acids (Omega 3 and 6). Dry food often contains small amounts of fat so it may be that that's causing the shedding. Try a fatter food (you may have to reduce the amount of food given then) and see if it helps. A vet can inject fat acid into the cat but I would strongly recommend to try with vitamins and fattwer food first.
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