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Inmate in California dies of neglect.

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Heck, it's true that in PR prisons it is common to have mice in the kitchen, but at least there aren't any inmates starving to death.

What do you think?
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If it proves to be true it's horrendous.
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Hmmmmm. I find it strange that they would let him starve to death. Here in the UK they even stop them from committing suicide in their cells!.
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I read the article and my understanding is that prisons do not care one iota if you are a "vegetarian" you either eat what they give you or you just go hungry.
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Prisons and jails don't care if you are vegetarian or not - they only give you special consideration with food if you are diabetic.
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Regardless of whether prison authorities take vegetarian diets into account - you'd think that some staff member would notice that something was very wrong and find an interpreter and have the guy checked out by a doctor. Any other behavior is, IMO, immoral. At the very least, there should be a very thorough investigation of the allegations. Just think how we'd react here if it were a dog or cat with problem behavior that was locked up, given no medical treatment, and allowed to starve.
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For the record, they do take into account vegetarians. In the article it said that any prisoner could have a vegetarian diet, by making a formal request and some paperwork with the prison chaplain. The detail, of course, was that not knowing English, he did not had the language abilities to do that.

Regardless, as Jcat said: There is virtually no way that prison staff could not have noted that there was something wrong. Find an interpreter and get him to medical attention. Any other behaviour is short of murder, as they were virtually letting him die while knowing what was happening from all the complaints of other prisoners.

In ANY courtroom in most of the world, any defendant or witness who does not speak the language of that place has the right to an interpreter. In California they even put it on the state constitution. But, in a situation where otherwise someone will die, the prison would not find a interpreter, much less get him medical help.
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I know it's a totally different thing but if there was a cat in a shelter and it didn't eat what the shelter was feeding it wouldn't they try another food? It's sad he starved to death.
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