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Good morning!

It's taken me several hours to muster up the courage to write this, mainly because it's embarassing but here goes...

Last night when I got home from work (3 a.m.) I was reading the forums and winding down. Cagney was laying on my desk by the keyboard, this is her usual spot, but she's VERY pregnant and doesn't quite fit like she used to! :LOL:
She shifted her weight, and must have touched something on the keys, because all of a sudden the font got very small!
I tried for about 2 hours,, last night and today, to get it large again but have had no luck

I'm not an idiot (usually) but am no Tekkie either...

Can anyone help me get the font back to where I can actually read it without going cross-eyed? Please?????

(if it helps, she was laying at the bottomm left of the keyboard)

Thanks all,

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I wish I could help Cleo, but I have NO idea what happened or how to correct it.
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I don't suppose you've shut the computer off and turned it back on, have you? That's my answer to everything! Sorry, I know I'm not much help.
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Go to the top of this page to the tool bar. Select view then select text size. See what that is set on. Mine is set on medium.
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Cleo, I don't know what your browser is, or what version it is but the 'Text Size' option is in 'View' instead of 'Tools' in my browser...You might want to try it if you can't find it under 'Tools'.
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I said go to the "tool bar" and select "view" and then "text size" but I can see were that could be confusing since there is a tool option there also...rofl

Glad you noticed that!
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Thanks guys

I have tried all the advice given, to no avail
When I click on View, then Text size, no options pop up. All the other buttons i.e. Encoding, Status Bar, Explorer Bar, give a column of choices...Text Size does nothing when I click on it...hmmmm?

I think what this thing needs is a flying lesson!

Thanks for your help though
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Oh that's a bummer Cleo. I don't have any idea what else to try... Sorry I wasn't able to help.
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Are you running a pc or a Mac? Is it everything that's tiny, or just the Cat Site?
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did you ever figure out what the problem was?
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Try this...

Put your curser anywhere on an empty area on your desktop
Right click
Select properties
--- A box will open
Select the "Appearence" tab along the top of the box
--- Where it says, "scheme" ensure it say windows standard
--- if it doesn't select it and then save.

If it ONLY happens with your browser....

FOR Microsoft Internet Explorer
Select View
Select text size
--- Then pick a smaller font size

FOR Netscape
Not sure, but it should be similar to IE.

Hope it helps

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