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Ding Dong Avon Calling

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Per request of lotsofcats, our story:

About 3 to 4 weeks ago we had just gotten back from taking my daughter out for her birthday. It was rather late and I was getting ready for bed when I heard the doorbell ring. I was thinking “who in the world is that†and then just assumed maybe my daughter had forgotten something. I looked out the peep hole but didn’t see anyone. My granddaughters love to play ring the bell on grandma and run, so I kept waiting for them to run back up to the door, which never happened. Since we had just recently been robbed I wasn’t about to just open the door, Kevin was in the garage cleaning litter boxes, so I just went back to doing what I was doing. A few minutes later Kevin came through with hands full for the garbage so I ran to the door and opened it for him…….and there on the front door mat was a cat!!! Someone had dropped her off, rang the bell and ran. We called her Avon (ding dong Avon calling). We put her in the dog kennel in the backyard so we wouldn’t expose her to the others until her vet checkup. We had her at the vet the next day, spayed, tested, shots, etc. and started looking for a home for her. WELLLLLL…..she’s still with us and quite the little pistol. She’s about 7 months old and a handful. I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have a youngun around. Here’s her picture and hopefully you can view them.

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What a story!! What a beautiful cat. I think you should keep her
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What a gorgeous kitty!!! Lovely eyes!
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AW, she's just precious! Looks pretty comfortable on that lap too, Lisa.
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What a beautiful cat and a great story!

Can't you see, in the second picture, she's saying Please, please, please, keep me, keep me, keep me!!!!

Jill and Candy
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Oh greatstory - but I can only see red Xs . COme on what's one more !!
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OOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm such a sucker for a Tabby! Like everyone else said, what's one more?? comeon, keep her, give in to peer pressure! LOL!
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I love that second picture where Avon is gazing lovingly at the person's face!

I am simply amazed that Avon sat there at the door for so long after her person rang the bell. I think that most cats would have hid the instant the person left. I think Avon could tell that loving cat people were just behind the door, so she waited until she could meet you!
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Wonderful story -- but no pictures not even any red Xs
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What a cute story. Glad to hear that Avon was dropped off at your wonderful home and that you took her in
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I can't see all of the pictures - but from what I see she's georgeous. She was very lucky to be dropped off at your home!
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What a wonderful present to find on your doorstep! Such a sweet story!
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