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Kitten pics.....Pepper!!!

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Here is our new boy Pepper.
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Oh what a sweet face - he sure is luck to have found you!
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Oh what a sweet face - he sure is luck to have found you!

I don't know how you do it - I would NEVER be able to give any of them - even knowing they would be in good homes.
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Pepper is a precious little kitty, How old?
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awwwww......Pepper looks like a little darling! Give him a big kiss for me. Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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Awww Wha a cute face. How old is he?
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Pepper is a sweetie!!
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Awwww Pepper is a little beauty!. He looks so content.
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so cute love the ears!!!!
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He's about 9 weeks old. A woman contacted me who had found a pregnant mommy in a field. She took her in and cared for her and her babies until they were 8 weeks old. She found homes for all except my little Pepper.

Scott (my orange tabby) was really needing to have a playmate as Belle is not much of an active young lady, so we decided to take in one of our foster cats. Well we tried and tried, but Scottie didn't really like any of them. So, we decided that it would be better to go with a younger cat. Insert Pepper. Boy has Scottie taken a liking to him. He has become a father-figure to his new brother. No matter how much Pepper bugs him or how rough he can be, Scottie takes it all in stride. Scottie never turns down Pepper when he launches an attack of play and he is so gentle. They now sleep cuddled together and Scottie constantly grooms him. It's adorable.

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I do have a question for you all.....

I've had ALOT of fosters; however, I've never had a kitten and I'm not sure how to handle teaching him how to use the scratching post (rather than my boxspring). When I catch him scratching, I pick him up and bring him to the Post, but then he just hops away; thinking it's a game. Any ideas??

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To teach Jeeps to use the post I used to tap it when I took her to it.......

...... I just wanted to say that Pepper is gorgeous! He has a sweet face, I can't wait to see some more pics!
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Aw! What a cutey pie pepper is.
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more pics
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and another
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More gorgeous pictures (I love Tabbies)
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Pepper is adorable. He looks like such a sweety.
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Pepper he is gorgeous .

I think you are doing the right thing when bringing Pepper to the scratch post . Just take his paws and keep showing him how to do it . Also you can try to add some catnip into the scratching post .
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Pepper is so sweet! Looks like he's made himself right at home!
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Re; scratching post:

I think I read somewhere that if the cat likes the post (ie; tall enough, proper material and enough stuff on it) they will naturally go to it themselves. If they scratch your furniture then they are telling you that your post isn't good enough.

Absolutely adorable kitten. I love tabbies.
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How I got my cats to use the cat scratch post was when they were watching, I went down on all 4s and put my hand/paw up against the sisal roap then I used my fingernails to scratch the post. All of them once in a while forget the rule and claw the dining room chairs and couch, but they usually use the sisal scratching items I have in the house.
Pepper is darling by the way, love his 'asleep' pic and the first pic. The big ears in first pic, reminds me of my Nala when she was that age. Fortunately, she kind of grew into her ears
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