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Monday's DT

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Long time no post! I have been so busy at work, that I rarely get a chance to be online any longer. Last week I was in Ottawa for a 3 day conference. Let me just say it isn't a good idea to fly when you have a sinus infection - I am still recovering my hearing!

How is everyone doing? I miss getting my daily updates.

I am doing ok - still busy with fertility treatments. My father in law has to go in soon for full heart graft. It will take 4-6 months to set that up. My MIL still is sick, but doing better. They say she will never recover, but at least she is able to get around better.

Kitties are ok - Sugie in in a well behaved mode right now. Merlin's newest nicknames are pest and pestilence.

Hope everything is well and I will honestly try to post more often!
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30 minutes to go before i leave work.
The day has gone well so far, but there's a lot of unhappy people in their relationships at work at the moment!.

Then when i get home, i've got my neighbour coming in as he's just broke up with his girlfriend.

If only relationships were as content as having a cat!.

Hope everyone elses day is going ok.
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Nice to see yo Ady!

Well, it's snowing here today I'm going to do some errands and hang out with the kittes. Then when hubby gets home we are going to start painting our living room and dining room. Fun, fun fun!

Have a great Monday everyone!
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For a moment I didn't recognize this thread again! I keep thinking DT = Detox but I came around quickly!

Oh man, you wouldn't believe what I've been through the last 4 days. First, I found out my cousin died suddenly and unexpectedly. Then last week I think I mentioned I had a sinus infection. Well I went to the doctor on Wednesday or Thursday (can't remember because I've been in this fog) and he gave me some antibiotics. I took the first dose in the late afternoon and by bed time I had this feeling like I had a lump in my throat. I ignored it and chalked it up to post nasal drip.

I woke up in the morning with an even worse sore throat and itchy everywhere. Then on friday I developed a migrane. OMG it was terrible. I couldn't stand the lights on, was nausiated and felt like someone was cutting out my eye balls with a dull knife. By Sunday I felt like I had been hit by a train. My throat was so bad and I could see white spots in the back. I couldn't even sip water or swallow my own saliva. All the tissue inside my mouth hurt and my top lip and much of my face was swollen.

I went to a Urgent care clinic and the young doctor there was clueless. He said it didn't look like strep and in fact he couldn't even see the white spots. (What an idoit... he didn't even push my tongue down and look far enough).

So this morning I went to our employee health clinic. The doctor looked in my throat and said "OMG, you have canckers in there! You must feel like someone scrubbed your mouth and throat with a brillo pad!" Finally, someone understood! Turns out that I was having a severe and rare allergic reaction to the antibiotic they put me on and it was attacking all the mucous membranes. She said she was surprised I was still breathing. I got lucky. Last night and this morning I couldn't swallow the antibiotic so I skipped it until I could get to the doctor again. Turns out, that probably saved my life! Can you believe it??

So now I'm on prednisone to take down the swelling and get rid of the sores in my mouth and thank God I just started my week off! What a crazy past week! Now I just have to watch my blood sugars because apparently the steroids will make my BS go way up. But prednisone is the least of two evils right now. I haven't been able to eat or drink for days. Oh well, at least the doctor was really impressed with my weight loss! I'm now down a total of 28 pounds since the first part of February!

Still no word on what happened to my cousin yet. I imagine we should hear something this week. Gosh, too much going on right now. <sigh>

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Ady and Tammie, I hope you will feel better soon!
I once got a severe allergic reaction from antibiotics. I was on a 2 week visit to the US over Christmas and it started the day I got there and I waited a week to go the the ER, was sent home with a questionmark, wich resulted in another visit the next day with the sympoms even worse (boy I was so ill and it was new years eve )
I also had the overwhelming itching all over, skin rash all over, nausia, fever of 104, swollen glands and throught, etc... The dr. told me the only symptom I had yet to experience was choking... I coulnt eat, but 2x a day I forced myself to eat something, since I had to eat something with the antibiotics I had one or two tablets left from that 10 day subscribtion when the dr. finally told me to stop. Tammie, it was lucky you skiped your last one! I really hope you will get back to normal soon. Which antibiotics was it? "Mine" was sulfa.

Today my Granny, who died last October, would have had birthday, so I bought a buqet of roses to put on her grave. I could just hear her "arguments" about that..."Dont put this here, take it home with you and enjoy it in your own living room. There´s no use in putting this here, I´ll enjoy it anywhere!"

We spent a lot of time at the vet today, I wrote all about that in my "TCS anniversay thread.
My s/o is at work, from 8 pm, untill tomorrow morning, so I have to do the evening cleaning of a wound now, and I keep putting it off. I just cant look at this anymore. I might just skip the cleaning tonight, and ask my s/o to do an extra ealy wound cleaning. We are supposed to clean this 3x per day.

I hope you all had a nice day!
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Originally posted by Pollyanna
Which antibiotics was it? "Mine" was sulfa.
Mine was from a sulfa drug too. I believe it is called Septra. So no more sulfa drugs for Tammie!

When I got home tonight I took 2 lortab and it feels bareable right now. Thank god! I managed to get a chocolate shake down. First thing in days I've been able to eat or drink. Not the perfect food for a diabetic but I tolerated it even better then when I tried waterk which went down feeling like a rock. I'm also on my second mega dose of the steriod. She blasted me with two huge doses today and then it will taper from there over the next 10 days.

Although I'm sure it still hurts sometimes, it sounds like you had a good visit with your granny. Sounds like she was there talking to your heart.
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You can tell, that its Monday - I forgot to feed the cats, this morning. For once, Buddy wasn't squeaking and bugging me and I totally spaced it. Once I got to work, I remembered and left a voice mail, for Bill. He fed them, when he got home. He says that they didn't bug him, either.

A bunch of people have quit, since Friday. Some of them got other jobs and some of them just don't want to work. My supervisor has been MIA, for two weeks. The others say that he has some sort of infection and he'll be back "tomorrow". They've said "tomorrow", for the past week. I didn't even have this week's schedule, until today. My hours are the same but, my breaks, lunch and training sessions change daily and weekly. That place needs better organization.

I made a really good batch of spaghetti, for dinner. Since I don't measure or use a recipe, it'll never be the same, again.

Rowdy has been thwarted. She has a habit of banging and rattling the linen closet door, at 4 am. I got Bill to put some weatherstripping on it, so that it now fits tightly. She'll have to go back to emptying the wastebasket.
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This is the late monday post. I had a really good Monday up untio Brad and I fought right after I got off of work.
So I told him I needed to get away and went to a friends and we went shopping again!( becoming my Monday getaway I swear!)
It's snowing like crazy today and tonight. The roads are horrible to drive on! I wish the weather would decide what it wants to do before I get sick! What the heck? I thought it was spring???
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