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Question for those of you in or near Denver

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Hey all! I was wondering if you knew of any good and relatvely inexpensive places to stay near the Pepsi Arena. The reason I ask is that it is a very good possibility that the National Lacrosse Championships will be played in Denver between the Toronto Rock and The Colorado Mammoth. If these are the 2 final teams I will be taking a road trip the weekend of May 7-9.

Thanks for the info!

Go Rock go! Go Rock go!
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Ady, the downtown hotels are fairly pricey, at least the ones that I know about. My husband works with someone who works at Pepsi Center, and I'll have Earl check with him about the hotels in close proximity.

And if you come here, plan on at LEAST a lunch or dinner with me!!!
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Of course we can meet for dinner or lunch! If you want you can even join us for the lacrosse game. If you like hockey - you'll love lacrosse!
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Valanhb is right.....Most Decent hotels near the pepsi center are pricey!!! there is a few not so decent places little road side motels. But I think your best bet is going to be the Holiday Inn that is off 14th and Glenarm. it's not to far away. only about a mile or 2 away. And it's right next to Wolfgang Pucks Resturant. Smack dab in the middle of the happening part of Denver. I'm not to sure as to what their prices are but I do know that when the broncos play that this hotel useally fills up with people who follow the opposing team on road trips. So you might want to look into that. Unless Valanhb's hubby can get you something better. anyway!! Have fun at the game!!!
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Your best bet is the holiday inn, stay away from the smaller hotel/motels lol holiday inn is nice and decent my cousin stayed there for 49 a night but it all depends on whats going on in denver at the time prices change
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Ady, the Holiday Inn is a nice hotel, not too far at all from the Pepsi Center. On event days, there are shuttles from downtown locations to Pepsi Center, so it wouldn't be a problem getting there.

I did a search on Yahoo Travel, hopefully this works! http://travel.travelocity.com/hotel/...35584842162004 If it doesn't, do a search on there for within 3 miles/5 KM from 1000 Chopper Circle (Pepsi Center) for a list of hotels and nightly rates. Any questions about the location or hotel, etc. just ask! Oh, and I noted some of them say how far they are from the Broncos/Mile High Stadium....Pepsi Center is closer to downtown than Mile High, just across the interstate. Also, Pepsi Center is adjacent to Six Flags Elitch Gardens.
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Thanks everyone!

All we have to do now is have Toronto and Colorado meet in the finals and I am there!
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Heidi - thanks for the travelocity link - it looks like the Comfort Inn or the Holiday will be my best bet.

What is the weather like there in May?
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Hmmm, weather in May. Well, there shouldn't be snow! LOL We're a real temperate climate, May should be probably anywhere from 50s-70s (F) temperature wise. The climate is really dry here, though, so be prepared for that. I've seen it raining with only 50% humidity! Bring lotion and drink lots of water (sweat evaporates as you're sweating here so you don't notice that you're losing water).
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Weather in May.......Well Heidi this is Colorado so who knows for sure if we will have snow or not! LOL I remember back in the Early 90's we had a HUGH snow storm in the middle of June. Coming from where you are at I do Highly suggest you bring lotion!! your skin will dry up in a matter of 12 hours or less depending on your skin type! Make sure you bring a jacket!! it still gets pretty chilly here at night. And drinking lots of water is a good thing not only for sweat purposes but for Altitude sickness also!! a few more altitude tips.......Take your time, don't be in a hurry, our air is so thin that no matter what you will feel a difference in your breathing. I spent a year living at sea level and moved back here and I couldn't belive the difference!! When I moved to Sea level i felt nothing but when I came back my body had gotten used to the altitude there and put it into shock to have to learn how to breath up here again! But don't worry to much about that just make sure your a little prepared. During the summer Iknow alot of people end up in the ER here cause of the altitude, Mainly older and over weight people.Anyway.........Hope you do end up coming here!
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Thanks so much for all of the helpful advice! I really am going to try to talk hubby into going even if there is no game for us to go to!
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