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Happy birthday Sockiemom

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Hope you have a wonderful day!:icecream:
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Happy Birthday..... Have a good one!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!!. Have A brilliant day
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Happy Birthday Jenn!

I haven't seen you around so I hope you're doing well and things are good at home and school!

Have a great birthday!
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Hope your birthday is a wonderful as you are!
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Happy Birthday Jenn!
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Aww, thanks guys!

I know I haven't been around much lately... I miss you all so much!
My contract at work is pretty much over, as Monday is my last day. I've been working a lot to get everything finished up, and now I'm on the hunt for a new job . I'm taking about two weeks off, just to use as "me time" before I even bother applying anywhere, though.

I'm no longer single, as of the beginning of February, so I've been spending quite a bit less time in front of my computer. I'm very happy.

I went to Québec last month... it was so pretty! I'll have to post some pictures of my trip and of the kitties, too.

Socks and Sadie are happy and healthy. They're delighted that it's spring and that there are so many "new" birds to watch out the window! Sadie's getting so big!

Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes.
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Jenn, I hope you have been having a wonderful birthday!
I´m glad to hear you are happy and enjoying life!
:daisy: :daisy:
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Happy Birthday, Jenn! :flower: :icecream:
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Happy Birthday Jenn, it's good to hear from you.
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I am so sorry I am late in wishing you a Happy Birthday. I am glad you are happy- it shows in your short burst of a post!
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Jenn, sounds like things are going great for you!!! I'm so glad.

I'm sure you'll find something - you're a very mature, talented young woman. I hope you're loving college and totally enjoying this time in your life! We miss you lots here, but it all sounds good!

I hope you have a TERRIFIC year and that your boyfriend spoiled you rotten yesterday!

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Happy belated birthday Jenn

Hope you find a job of your liking real soon.
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Belated Happy Birthday!!
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I'm applying for a job as a housekeeper at a nursing home. Maybe not much fun, but someone's gotta do it and I need money. Please cross your fingers for me!

Hope everyone is well and thanks again for the birthday wishes.
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Good luck (and belated birthday wishes). Fingers and toes crossed.
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