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Kitten Hug

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I absolutely love this picture!!! Just wanted to share!!!
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sfell - I did need a hug tonight - how did you know? I just got a scary dx from my Dr. Thank you! That made me smile.
Deb M.
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Glad, I could help! I hope things get better for you! I think hugs are just the best! They always feel good no matter how bad you feel.

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Hi Sabra :angel2::daisy:

I have that pic too, I just adore it, but it has no writing on it. If you love that pic, (even more than this one, but this is similar to that) I think you'll enjoy this one too:
PS...Debra, I hope you get to feeling better...
Love, C.
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That is soooo precious! It's almost as good as a real hug! A friend had sent me an e-mail with the pic I posted, so I saved it on my computer here at work.
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Hi again Sabra :daisy:

I just love all these pics...I have soooooo many, if you'd like I can send some over to ya...at any time...I've collected over 500 from the net...I think I should start my own kitty clip art and gif site as well!
Just let me know if you'd like some extra kitty stuff! My email address is: bufbod007@aol.com

Pretty funny stuff! :laughing2

Love, Peace &
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That picture is so precious. Thank you for sharing it
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Cat...I DO think you should set up your own site with all your kitty pics - I just LOVE seeing which one you put in your posts! It is always a suprise!
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Hi Deb! :angel2::daisy:

Why thank you!! That was such a nice thing to say! :pinky:

I'll be right back....I have to get Elvis some Alka-Seltzer...
I've told him time and time again!

Love & Have a great Weekend!!

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Cat....you are going to cause me to have to put in all new carpeting. Fat middle-aged women should not laugh so much!
:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Hey there Deb, :angel2::daisy:

All new carpeting...hmmmmmm....well that'd be a great incentive for my house...come on down here! :LOL:

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I think you just help me do that by myself!!!!!!! :laughing2:laughing2::laughing2:laughing2

Thanks!! I really needed that!
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Hey Cat.........
How did you get my highshcool yearbook picture?
You went to that site that asks if you want to find old classmates, didn't you?
No wonder my Mom pulled me from regular school and sent me to the nuns!
If I move my computer - I can get new bedroom carpeting too!
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Now I can not only get new carpeting myself, but a new chair for the desk! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

By the way...If you were in my Catholic School...we all looked like that...but only in the rectory basement; that's where the cigs were distributed!
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Amen to that one - except we didn't have a basement - we had to sneak across the street behind the so-called gym
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Thanks so much for sharing those pictures!
You made my night!
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