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Cute and Funny story about Emmett

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I'll post pics when I have a chance.

In the living room there is a bookcase that is full of books and we keep the fish tank up there. Now Emmett keeps shoving his mice behind it, but when I looked they weren't there. Turns out the bottom of the bookcase had a hollow section but the three sides you see and right to the floor.

I asked my mom next time she cleaned the fish tank to move the booksheld and get the few mice he has managed to shove under there.

Today I went downstairs to find a hugh pile of mice on the table. My mom cleaned the fish tank and my dad moved the bookshelf to get the "few" mice from under there.

There was about 45 mice and Angel's dentabone under there. Now I can see how he can squeeze the mice behind the bookshelf...but the dentabone?? Those are rock hard.

I could stop laughing. At least I won't have to buy Em any more mice for awhile.
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That's a lot of things to pile behind the bookcase!
I wish my girls were as neat as Emmett. They're always leaving their stuff all over the place.
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I'm assuming they're catnip filled mice, because that would be kind of gross to find 45 "real" mice (dead or not).
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LOL!! Emmett is such a neat freak!
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Now the adventure begins again as Emm does it again.

A dentabone??? Wonder how he did that?
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Oh how sweet that reminds me of heidi's kitty trent and all those sparkley balls! cats can be so funny!
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That sounds like Rowdy, with the small Christmas ornaments. Last year, I found 27 of them, when I moved the couch and coffee table.
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And i thought Rosie was a hoarder!!.
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See, I told you he was hiding them somewhere, I never even thought to ask about how the bookcase is made, which reminds me, I need to check mine, just to see what is under there!
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Luna is a hoarder also. She likes those soft balls you get from the pet stores. She will run around with them crying and when you call her, she will come running to you so you can throw the ball, unfortunately she never learned that you need to bring it back to keep the game going! Now I know there are lots of them somewhere, where? I am now sure, but I'll find them some day soon! LOL!
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