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Our New CatShow Flyer

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Take a look at our new catshow flyer and let us know what you think? The wonderful graphics are courtesy of Spears Ward & Company (aka: kimward34)

THANK YOU KIM!!! Incredible job!!

If anyone cares to help spread the word, feel free to download the PDF flyer -print it and spread it around-

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I can't open it darnit. I'm sure it is fantastic!
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Have difficulty also in opening it...
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You need PDF to see it. It is awesome! Great job Kim!
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I like it.... The flyer is very colorful and it gets the point across nicely.
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Hey guys - try this!
Click Here

The format that Hissy submitted is an Acrobat file. To read the file you need to load Acrobat Reader (it's Free) You can download it from Here
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Thank you Kim!
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If you want to print this puppy use the PDF file.

The jpeg file if you only see it in minature you need to engage the directional found at the lower right-hand corner of the document as you scroll over it-
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that is such a wonderful job! Can I print it and leave it for customers to take it for our society's next cat adoptathon?
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Please feel free- distribute it everywhere you think cat lovers congregate-
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That is so cool! Will it be available here as well?(meaning at a link on TCS)
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I am going to talk to Anne and see if we can just put it on KittyBytes and take it off of Kim's server.
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That is great and looks awsome .

I think I will print one out and see if I can place one in my vets office the next time I go there .
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It looks awesome Kim!

I want to print copies and see if my local SPCA where I volunteer will put them out in the area where they have various free information for pet owners.

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Oops I see an error in the text. Don't print it out yet- it will be corrected tomorrow
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Hissy, Is this the one you saw?: "Whatever you needs..." (just in case that wasn't it )

I agree, it's great! I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I found it particularly neat that that kitty is a south-paw -- as I gather most cats are!
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It's really good!!!!
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The error is now fixed- it is available to print and send out however you wish.

Again Kim thank you for making it so eye-catching and cute!
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oops...another error: on the CatSite side it says Education regrading spaying...

Otherwise, it looks great!
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It looks great...may I make 1 change?? I had to sit and think a moment on the Beeline for your Feline phrase cause my copy is reading Bee||ne for your Fe||ne. I'm not sure if its my PC or if its the font. The lower case L and the upper case I are exactly the same characters.

Everything else looks absolutely great! I am also printing it out and dropping it off at my vet!

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It looks great..i like the cat on the computer
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bump all spelling errors are corrected now (I hope)
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