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Introducing The Starchild Pony

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I just had to share this little cutie with everyone. As I've said, I'm a My Little Pony collector (freak), as well as a Paul Stanley (Kiss Freak). Anyway, I commissioned an artist to make me a Starchild My Little Pony, incorporating both of my greatest loves, besides my kitties. He's a One of a kind, and I think he's adorable. So, here he is: The Starchild Pony
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I have seen it all now!! Paul would be proud and Gene would
definately be on the jealous side!!
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WOW! Maybe you should send Paul an email (or a snail mail) with a pic of that in it! He'd be tickled pink!
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Cool! Did it cost a lot, seeing as it's a one of a kind?
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That is awesome Hope! I'm curious about the cost factor too. I bet you forked over some cash for that!
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Yeah, he was pretty costly. He was worth it, though I think. He is a custom, made according to my specs. Although to be truthful, there are a lot of regular My Little Ponies that go for as much and even more than I paid for my Starchild. I paid $50 for him. A mint My Little Pony can go for $70 plus on ebay, depending on how sought after that pony is. If it's MIB, the pony can go for over $100. There was one pony MIB that went for over $2000. I cannot afford those ponies. I am finally getting one of the "sought after" ponies next week, and she will cost me $50, and she's is not mint. Her name is Mimic, and if I got a mint Mimic, I'd pay about $200 or $300 for her. I never thought I could afford a Mimic, but luckily I found a collector who is willing to sell me my Mimic for $50, because I've purchased from her before and we've become friendly.
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Hope, you should put a little pic of him in your sig to match the gif you have. $50 isn't too bad for something you're so passionate about and that (usually, lol) makes you happy.
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that is so cool!
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Oh he's absolutey gorgeous!
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That's not a bad price for your pony. And he's cute! Congratulations!
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It looks awesome! You should send a pic to KISS. I'm sure they'll love to see how far a fan will go for her two passions
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Yeah! You finally got it! It's soo adorable!
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