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Help!! I need intervention!!!

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I'm going crazy. I spend all of my time on ebay, buying up My LIttle Ponies at highly inflated prices! Somebody, help me, PLEASE!!

I've already got more ponies than I have room to display and I want MORE, MORE MORE!!!! I can't get enough! It's a sickness, I tell you! A sickness! Even the fact that I had to dip into my savings to pay bills last month hasn't stopped me.

I only have two more months left to pay on my car, and the first thought that hit me, was that soon I would have even more money to buy even MORE Ponies.

I'm thinking, maybe I just might have a slight problem, here.
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The only solution I can come up with is STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!! I'd hate to see hoof prints for your posts(although it would be kinda cute!!) Poor thing! You got it BAD!!!!!
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Okay, this is radical, but what happens if you're struck by lightning tomorrow? Do you expect your heirs to keep/display the ponies?
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Lol jcat, that's an interesting hypothetical.

Hope, you could use your collection to your advantage. You could sell pictures of your whole collection as postcards, prints etc. You could set yourself up as an expert on My Little Ponies for people to consult or if you're really desperate, you could put an ad in the local paper or do letterbox drops to advertise for people to come and see your collection for a small fee, much like a museum display..

My name is Tania and I am an eBay addict. I only buy kitten stuff, I swear! Oh OK, baby stuff for my brother's son-to-be too.
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Sorry. No help here. I am addicted to beanie babies. Welcome to the world of the collector addict. LOL!
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I think you need to avoid eBay completely. Maybe the next time you feel like visiting that site you could do something else instead. Like play with your cats, take your dog for a walk, or come to this site. Also, maybe you could get some software that will prevent you from accessing eBay. Hopefully, your addiction will wear off if you can manage to avoid temptation.
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Never bought on e-bay, although I have from their sister site, half.com or halfbay or whatever it is called. I have heard lots of good and bad stories about e-bay and just haven't dared to try it myself.

Hope you stomp out your addiction or find a new outlet. (forgive that pun)
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I'm addicted to TCS! Nothing will ever stop me coming here and I mean that! LOL.

My little Ponies are so cute no wonder you collect them, but I agree addiction must stop somewhere, No advice for you though! Sorry.
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I was googling the phrase "My little Pony" and out came this real funny site.


It is a little quiz. Here is its intro to the quiz:

"She has flowing hair, smooth skin, languid eyes, and she's completely naked. Are we discussing here a star of one of the approximately four hundred thousand single-, double-, and triple-X-rated films out there, or one of the approximately four hundred thousand different "My Little Ponies" they flooded toy stores with in the Eighties?

That's what we're here to find out. Below is a list of names. Each name belongs to either a porn star, or a My Little Pony. Your job is to try and tell the fornicator from the latter. Supine or equine? New Wave Hookers or new-agey hoofers? You make the call."
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Hope, can't help you on the addiction front, but I can help you on the number of $$$ that you spend on it. Do you have a Salvation Army thrift store, or anything like it close to you ? If so , haunt them instead of e-bay, prices are usually a lot better, and you can see what you are getting right up front. I know all too well about the addiction, I currently have 550+ Cabbage Patch Kids, and no place to display them . Half or more of my kids are naked, so that requires making clothes for them too--loads of fun for me ! Good luck !

edited because I apparently don't know a # from a $ !
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Oh boy can I empathize. I collect Harmony Kingdom treasure jests (little boxes with a marble look and feel, carved in fantastic detail, based a bit on Netsuke) and what got me to stop was when I filled a display case and then the top of my computer desk and then...I decided to stop until I had space for a larger display case. No point to me in having them if I can't even enjoy looking at them 'cause they are in a box somewhere.

I would say only keep buying if you have room to enjoy them on display, or to get duplicate pieces to sell, as a way to pay yourself back a bit of the expense of collecting them.

I would *not* pay inflated prices! Can you start a website and newsletter re collecting these? The do's and don'ts of collecting them, best secondary markets, which ones are rare or unusual? Turn your attention a bit off the collecting to the discussing and sharing your love of them?
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Can you think of something you've really been wanting, or need to save for? Like a house, a nice vacation, home improvements, new furniture, helping a favorite charity, etc.?

Write it down on a big, bright piece of paper, and tape it where you can't help but see it when you sit at your computer. You might even want to set another copy on your keyboard or monitor. Program it into your screensaver, so it scrolls across your computer when it's inactive.

Hopefully seeing your saving goal will help you to think twice before bidding and spending money on something that will slow your achievement of your larger goal.

Hope this helps.
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I have the same problem....... with books! I bought 6 books last week. If you find a cure be sure to let me know!
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lol seems you need PA Ponies anon :P
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Mrs. Paul Stanley -

First I'd like to say that KISS RULES!!! I love them all, but Peter Criss has always been my favorite, and I've been listening to them for over 20 years and have seen them a few times in concert, with and without makeup, during the 1980's. I even have an original Peter Criss doll that came out in 1978. I could sell that on eBay and maybe get $40 or more for it.

Oh yeah, back to the topic.

I used to be an ebay addict, I collected Classic Winnie the Pooh stuff. Pat and Alix, I have a Classic Pooh Harmony Box - they are so beautiful.

At the time I had a pet bird and started to feel bad because I was neglecting him, so I cut my ebay time in half. But I could hear him screaming from the other room and felt even worse, so I spent even less time on ebay. Then he got sick, and when birds get sick, they're really sick because they hide their illnesses, and he almost died and had to stay in the hospital for 3 days, but had breathing and stomach problems, and had 2-3 months to live. After that I didn't go on ebay again and spent all my time with him. A few days later, at home, he started having seizures. He was old and I felt the best thing to do was to humanely euthanize him. I can't begin to tell you how guilty I felt (besides being heartbroken) that I spent time on stupid ebay and not more with him.

That's not to say I don't sometimes want to, but I just don't. When I got my cat Candy, I swore that I would never go on ebay again, and I haven't. It wasn't hard because I never want to experience that guilt again. I thought about all the money I spent on ebay and all the time I wasted, and am so mad at myself because those are just things that don't mean anything. I could have put that money to good use, donating it to an animal shelter, etc.

I also imagine that one day Candy could have a disease or an accident that may cost thousands of dollars to fix, and that I would put it on my credit card and worry about paying it off because I spent too much money on ebay.

When/if the economy ever gets better, I'm going to sell most of the stuff and do something good with it.

Jill and Candy
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