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My jealous cat

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Sam is really good about sharing "his" things with Bailey. If she gets something new, he checks it out, and often goes to sleep in the same spot she has been, as soon as she stands up. But he is refusing to share the boogie mats.

I had two, one had to be thrown away. With two, they were fine, each would lie on one, side by side. I kept one of the old ones, and bought another new. And now Sam thinks they are both his. He is not like this with any other item in the house.

First, he would lie stretched across both mats. Then I moved them apart. He would lie between them with a body part touching each, a paw on one, a tail on the other. So I moved them even further apart. And that seemed to work, Sam on one, Bailey on the other.

Sam stretched over and nipped Bailey on the bum. She moved away. So he pounced on her. She stood her ground. He lay there for a while, watching her having fun, then went to lie in another corner of the room. I thought everything was over. But apparently, he was just lying there getting more and more upset. He ran over to her and leaped on top of her, and made her run out of the room. (Nobody was hurt, unless you count hurt feelings). Then he got upset, himself, and sat in the hallway wailing for a while. I finally went and got him, and lay with him on my lap, which he usually likes, but he wouldn't stay, and stretched out along the back of the couch with his back to me.

What a jealous boy! At least he is back to himself this morning.

I have no idea why both boogie mats need to be his. Its not even the catnip, they have catnip in all sorts of other spots in the house, and happily share. I just think he loves the boogie mats the most.
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Peedoodle is exactly the same with the boogie mat - if Kahu is sitting on it, he will leap on Kahu. I don't know why. Peedoodle is also a jealous cat. You describe Sam to have the same personality traits - I wonder if they are the same kind of breed, since they look the same and have practically the same personality!
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Oh my goodness, naughty boys Sam and Peedoodle! LOL. Would buying another boogie mat help?

Sam stretching across the two mats reminds me of that picture with the cat stretched across the two cat beds with another cat curled tighly in one.
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I think that Sam and Peedoodle are a lot alike. I suspect that there are some personality traits that go with their genetic makeup. Either that, or they know they are big, fluffy, handsome cats who can get away with anything. I've decided to call Sam a Nebelung, because that breed standard portrait looks pretty much like him.

I suspect that I could carpet the whole room with boogie mats, and he would still think they are all his. I did move one to the other room, and he lets Bailey have it. Its just being in the living room, where we sit and watch movies, that brings out the green eyed monster. (And he does have lovely green eyes).
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