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Gonna get another cat..... Questions for Ya'll

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As many of you know, Ellen and I are still grieving over the loss of our beloved Mentos. Since that time we have moved back to Taiwan.....

We were in the petstore today, and there was an American Curl that was so darn cute and loveable. It has 1 bad eye, it is a little cloudy and colored different than the other, but when I played with it, it still attacked my wagging finger with deadly precision. Therefore eyesight isn't a concern.

I would have gotten a cat at the shelter, but they aren't available here I also saw a really cute stray that kept following us around, but with so many stray dogs and cats here I'm afraid that first, it will be too feral (wild), and second, it might have problems Taiwan Vets or myself aren't ready to deal with.

My question to you all is. What are american curl's personality like? He looks almost identical to mentos accept he's gray, his ears are curled (not folded). so looks much like an american short hair with curled ears. He loves to play, and he loves to be pet, but he HATES being held. He keeps pushing me away.... I wonder if I can teach him to be held over time.

2nd, he is about 5 months, and still haven't been neutered. I will definately neuter him as soon as I get him, but the store suggested to wait till 6 months....... Is that too late? Will I risk spraying?

What else should I be careful for? And is 400 bucks a lot to pay for such a breed?

I am so excited to get another cat (although we don't live together anymore and the cat will be with Ellen).

I would love to get PMs or Emails also if you would like to donate information about getting a new cat (although this is my 2nd time around)
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I found some information about the American Curl's personality on the CFA website:

The Curl personality is truly unique. If not sleeping up high somewhere in a large salad bowl, figuring out with great determination just how to get into the shower with you, or assuming their spot right in front of a favorite TV show, they are patting at your glasses while you try to read the paper. Needless to say, Curls are very people-oriented, faithful, affectionate soulmates adjusting remarkably fast to other pets, children, and new situations. People say they are very dog-like in their attentiveness to their owners, following them around so not to miss anything. When introduced into a new home, Curl's seem to have an inherent respect for the current pet occupants, giving them plenty of room to adjust to the new kid on the block. Not overly talkative, the Curl's curiosity and intelligence is expressed through little trill-like cooing sounds. Because they retain their kitten-like personality well throughout adulthood, they are referred to as the Peter Pan of felines.

Please click on the link to read the complete description of this breed. http://www.cfainc.org/breeds/profile...ican-curl.html

Good luck with the new kitten!
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too late, I already got it Pics to come!
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