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dried food

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I have recently been told that it is not good idea to feed lots of dried cat food to cats. My cats eat dried food whenever they want it, it is out in the bowls to eat all the time. They are also given wet food every morning and evening. Has anybody heard that eating too much dried food can cause crystals of some sort in the cats urinary tract? I was just told very quickly that it can cause problems and now want to find out more.
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It is true that some cats have problems with a dry food only diet, however some cats have problems with virtually every diet. Feed a premium quality diet, make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water always available & then just watch for any problems. My current house kitty was adopted 20 yrs ago from a shelter as an adult cat. She has eaten 1/8 cup Iams regular catfood every day since then (with one 2 month exception to test a cat food at our clinic). She has never had a bladder infection, crystals or any problems.
Deb E
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Not all dry foods are bad. I feed my cats nothing but dry, but some, my Pixie Bobs and bobcat, get raw turkey a few times a week. If you feed your cats dry, stick with a high quality food. Some of the lower cost dry foods contain corn and other grains as their main ingredients. Check the ingredients list. The first on the list should be meat. The higher grade foods may cost more, but it is worth it.
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I found out a lot about this when my cat got a urinary tract infection. I was told to feed him canned food after that, and he hasn't had a problem since. After a year or so, however, I switched to half dry and half canned. He is still doing fine - no resurgence of UTI.

People who advocate the use of canned food have sited the fact that a cat's natural meal would consist of 70% water - approximately what you will find in canned food. When cats eat only dry food, they may not be getting enough water. It is usually considered to be okay to feed dry only if the cat is drinking enough water, but most cats aren't big water drinkers. Dehydration can play a big factor in UTIs.

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