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Chung vs. Condit

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Is anybody going to watch the Connie Chung interview on ABC tonight with Gary Condit?

I think it's going to be interesting. I would really like to hear what he has to say!!
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thanks for reminding me! Yes, I'm going to watch it, granted I don't forget again!

It's going to be very interesting but I'm sure he's going to do some tapdancing, and I'm going to get

I hate it that people don't take responsibility for thier actions, and the way he lied initially about his relationship is insulting to the people in this country. Hasn't he learned anything from his fellow politicians? PEOPLE ALWAYS FIND OUT
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People do always find out. I think he is such a coward.

I am happy that Connie Chung is doing the interview. I have a feeling she isn't going to be too sympathetic. I hope she asks the hard questions and puts him in a few jams. I am looking forward to seeing him wiggle!
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I remember I was reading an article about the whole deal and it said that he had told another politician he should just admit to his indiscretions!!!!!
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But if they dismissed every politician that had an affair with their interns well Washington D.C would be pretty empty. The sad part about this interview IMO is that he is doing this for political gain to keep his seat, he is not doing it in sympathy for what the Levy family is going through. I bet it will be a great *performance* and nothing else.

I believe along the lines of what John Walsh has said. That Chandra was killed by a serial killer who preys on young interns. He believes her body is in the Potomac. It is all so sad when predators are out and about in society.
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I know that expecting the guys in DC to keep their pants zipped is a bit much to ask, but if you're caught with your hand in the cookie jar, don't lie!!!!!!

What an amazing coincedence it would be if Shandra was killed by a serial killer. If he just randomly choose her & had no idea what kind of a scandal was about to erupt.

I hope they are able to find her so her poor parents can put some closure on this, and concentrate on thier grief.
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This serial killer is very exclusive and the 2 interns that were killed prior to the dissapearance of Chandra looked almost like her, and were equally intelligent.
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I for some reason never heard the serial killer angle. That is interesting to me.

I too find it sad that the only reason Condit is doing the interview is because he is running for re-election. The Politicians in this country truly amaze me! And not in the good sence.

Hissy's right, it should be a good performance.
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Now let me begin by stating flat out that I'm not supporting punk politicians nor am i making light of the young girl's fate.
BUT!!!! Every time one of these sex scandals comes out nobody ever stops to consider that these women are not some innocent little fairy from never-never land. They are playing the game to gain something they want from a man who is in a percieved position of power. Many,like dear ol Monica L are RAISED that way.

Now I'm off to work... :tounge2: :evilalien
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These girls are absolutely responsible for thier actions, no doubt about that. I just get sick to my stomach when these politicians lie directly to our faces about it.

the stewardess that had the affair with Condit came out & admitted it. While I don't respect the choice she made getting involved with him, I respect that she didn't keep her mouth shut about it because he asked her to.

I don't respect the women who engage in that kind of behavior (I can't stomach Monica Lewinsky at all. the fact that she is now a sort of dark celebrity herself makes me sick. She services the president & that gets her invited to all the A list hollywood parties?!?!!? That is extremely f**ked up. she should crawl back under the rock she came from) at all. They are as guilty as the men, but the politicians are the ones who turn around & lie about it to the public. I'm sorry but I hold Condit more responsible for his behavior than Shandra Levy. She was single, he wasn't. Not that it makes it right for her, but he's the one who took the marriage vows.
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And speaking of Connie Chung, exactly HOW do she and Maury Pouvich stay married?

Maury: What are you up to today, hon?

Connie: Interviewing Condit. You?

Maury: More DNA tests to determine the fathers of unwed teens' babies. Too bad Chandra Levy didn't just turn up pregnant. Then we could have done a show together.

Connie: Hmm.

How does she have even one ounce of respect for him?
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Too funny Deb25. What in the world do they talk about? Honestly, I don't think they do.
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Condit Admits Relationship With Levy
The Associated Press
Aug 23 2001 7:06PM

MODESTO, Calif. (AP) - Rep. Gary Condit acknowledged Thursday a five-month relationship with missing intern Chandra Levy but said he had no idea what happened to her when she disappeared nearly four months ago.
In his first broadcast interview since the disappearance, Condit told ABC's Connie Chung that he's cooperated fully with police and did nothing to slow down the investigation.

``No one in Washington has been more cooperative than myself,'' Chung quoted Condit as saying during the half-hour interview at a ranch in Modesto, owned by a friend of Condit's.

Condit, 53 and married, described his relationship with the Levy as ``close'' but would not say whether they had a sexual relationship. The 24-year-old Levy, from Modesto in Condit's home district, was in Washington for an internship at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Chung said Condit related details of his final phone conversation with Levy, which occurred several days before her May 1 disappearance. They talked about her travel plans to California and Condit said she did not seem upset, Chung said.

Levy was last seen April 30 at a health club near her Washington apartment. Police have interviewed Condit four times, but have said repeatedly he is not a suspect and that they have no idea what happened to her.

Condit, D-Calif., has been criticized by some of his congressional colleagues and constituents for not publicly saying all he knows about Levy. Three newspapers serving his district have called for his resignation.

The letter and a series of interviews that began Tuesday are meant to rebuild the reputation of the seven-term congressman. The ABC interview, offering the combination of political scandal and the tragedy of a missing woman, is expected to be one of the most watched programs of the summer.

President Bush, in response to a reporter's question, said he probably would not be among the viewers. ``I'll read about it,'' Bush said.

Condit also planned to talk to KOVR-TV in Sacramento Thursday and to Newsweek magazine Friday, Condit spokeswoman Marina Ein said.

Condit gave an interview to People magazine in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Tuesday, but the magazine acceded to Condit's request not to release the story until Friday. Condit will be pictured on cover of the Sept. 3 People with his wife.

Levy's parents, Dr. Robert and Susan Levy, planned to watch the ABC interview alone at their home in Modesto, said Judy Smith, a spokeswoman for the family. The anguished parents have themselves become familiar figures through television interviews and almost daily appearances in their driveway to plead for their daughter's safe return.

Jacqeline Elrich, 33, a Modesto native, read Condit's letter Thursday on the steps of the post office. She said she hoped to hear on television what she did not find in the letter - an apology for his actions.

``I would want him to say, 'I'm sorry I didn't come forward right away with the truth. I was scared of what was going to happen with my family and with my constituents and I thought about my political career and my personal life instead of this missing woman,''' said Elrich, a political independent who has voted for Condit before but said she will not do so again.

Supporters of the congressman were planning a rally Thursday evening in Merced, Calif., about 40 miles from Modesto.

The subject of nonstop media attention since May, Condit has been heard only through brief statements and surrogates until now. Two other women have come forward to allege affairs with Condit and to say they were pressured from the congressman or his aides not to talk to investigators looking into Levy's disappearance.

Condit has denied asking anyone to refrain from answering investigators' questions.

Washington police, baffled by the lack of clues about Levy's whereabouts, have scaled back their investigation. Police Chief Charles Ramsey has said there is a ``significant chance'' she never will be found.

Condit said in his letter that he ``answered every single question'' he was asked by investigators. He said that pressure to discuss his relationship with Levy, whom he has called ``a great person and a good friend'' has forced him to talk.

``Some suggest that not talking with the media could mean I had something to do with Chandra's disappearance. I did not,'' Condit wrote.

``I pray that she has not met the same fate as the other young women who have disappeared from the same neighborhood.''

Washington police have said repeatedly they have found no link between Levy's disappearance and other missing persons cases in the city.

Condit's only reference to his personal life was oblique. ``I hope you also will understand that I am not perfect and I have made my share of mistakes,'' he wrote.

He said that he did not want to discuss his private life publicly, ``but things have gone on long enough.'' He said tabloids had ``turned the tragedy of Chandra's disappearance into a spectacle, and rumors were reported as facts.''

He also reminded constituents that he has served them as mayor, county supervisor, state assemblyman and congressman. ``Please know that you can still bring me your concerns and your problems,'' he wrote.
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Okay... slap me in the face with a big fish and call me stupid....Connie is married to Maury????? I am SO uneducated! I honestly didn't know that.

Okay.... me thinks me will go back into da hills, where I wad raised an try to pertend i now sompen.
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I'm in the middle of watching this interview and have one question. Who the hell did he get his dancing lessons from, Arthur Murray???
That a$$hole didn't answer ONE question that Connie Chung asked him. He danced around the issue of his relationship with Chandra Levy with his ridiculous response of "I've been married 34 years to the same woman, I am not perfect and have made mistakes, and will not answer that question to protect the private of my family and the Levy family, blah, blah, blah". He is a crooked politician who got caught with his pants down, just like Clinton did.

That was the most waste of air time since the OJ stuff.

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I laughed at the interview. I couldn't stand it because every question she asked, he pretty much avoided it and went around it! And, if you ask me, all Connie cared about was one question: Did you have an affair with Chandra Levy? I guess if I were him, I would've gotten mad too. To me he is a liar. I left to go get pizza in the middle of the interview, so that shows how much it interested me!! :LOL:
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Donna!!!!!!!!!! I totally agreed with what you had to say..........
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King of Denial if you ask me. I about gagged when Connie told him Ms. Levy had told her that she had asked him point blank if he was having an affair with her daughter and he told her yes. But when confronted with that conversation- Condit said "MsLevy asked me a number of questions and she must of been confused!" Hellooooooooo who is confused here? Connie is getting frustrated and I got fed-up and turned on ER. Someone else can let me know if the Congressman ever decided to tell the truth during the interview.
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I thought this was funny. We were at the grocery store, waiting in line, and the Star magazine said " Condit Killed Levy to cover up his gay secret life" Those tabloid papers are funny to read. Now, that header wouldn't have surprised me; Condit looks so feminine if you really look at him.
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Sounds like I didn't miss much! I was going to watch the interview, but then my neighbor came over and we had a beer instead. Sounded like I made the right choice!
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Gary Condit Denies Wrongdoing
The Associated Press
Aug 24 2001 8:49AM

CERES, Calif. (AP) - Capping a publicity blitz that ended months of public silence, Rep. Gary Condit denied involvement in Chandra Levy's disappearance and sidestepped questions about whether they had an affair. The Levy family lawyer said Friday her parents were angry and believe ``he's hiding something.''
Condit's comments also got an icy reception from many constituents, though some rallied behind him.

In his first broadcast interview since the intern disappeared, Condit, 53, fielded a series of blunt questions Thursday from ABC's Connie Chung, who repeatedly asked him if he had a sexual affair with the missing 24-year-old intern. He said only that they had a ``very close'' relationship and said ``people are entitled to some privacy.''

He offered no apologies for his involvement with Levy or his level of cooperation with police.

``I've answered every question truthfully. That's what you're supposed to do when you're cooperating with the police,'' Condit said.

Condit said he met Levy in October and they spoke several times a week by telephone. He said he wasn't in love with Levy, but liked her very much.

The seven-term Democratic congressman disputed several points that have been made by Levy's relatives since she was last seen April 30. Most significantly, he denied lying to Levy's mother about the nature of his relationship with her daughter, a constituent of his from Modesto who came to Washington for an internship with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Condit's account was immediately challenged by both Washington, D.C., police and the intern's family.

``Mrs. Levy was outraged,'' said Billy Martin, lawyer for the parents, Dr. Robert and Susan Levy. ``She's very clear that she told Gary Condit, she asked Gary Condit, `Were you, Congressman, having an affair with my daughter?' and the congressman said no. That is not a mistake. That is an outright lie.''

``He's hiding something,'' Martin said on NBC's ``Today'' show. ``Why he's hiding something I don't know. But we continue to believe he has a lot of information he can offer on Chandra's disappearance and we'll continue to investigate.''

Terrance W. Gainer, Washington's deputy police chief, disputed Condit's assertion of complete cooperation with investigators. ``It took us three interviews and a lot of effort to get as far as we got,'' he said.

The ABC interview was part of a campaign, including a letter to constituents and other interviews, that Condit's advisers hoped would bolster his flagging popularity.

The move fell flat, said Bruce Cain, a University of California, Berkeley, political scientist, who thinks Condit was ``horrible'' in the interview. ``I just got irritated watching the thing. I thought he came across as incredible, insensitive, evasive, uncooperative.''

In Condit's district, Merced bar owner Mike Maloney watched Condit on TV with his patrons. He called Condit ``overprepared and a bit too slick.''

Wendy Crabb, 29, an executive assistant from Modesto who has voted for Condit, said she was ``embarrassed and appalled by his lack of admittance and his shying away from the questions.''

Another former supporter, John Mensonides, said, ``I was hoping to see some humility and some candor and instead we saw evasiveness and arrogance.''

Not all reaction was negative. About 60 supporters held a rally in Merced, 40 miles south of Ceres.

``I thought he cleared up some misinformation, I thought he was honest,'' said Sandra Lucas, Democratic chairwoman in Stanislaus County, which is in his district. She said she thought Chung ``pressed the affair thing to the point of boredom.''

In the interview, Chung began with a series of blunt questions about Levy's disappearance. Condit denied he had anything to do with it, knew anyone who wanted to harm her, or had caused anyone to harm her.

``Did you kill Chandra Levy?'' Chung asked.

``I did not,'' he said.

Condit, who sat almost knee-to-knee across from Chung, kept his composure throughout the sometimes-contentious half-hour interview. His wife and two grown children watched from a monitor in a nearby room.

Asked repeatedly, Condit would not say whether he had sexual relations with Levy.

``I've been married 34 years. I have not been a perfect man. I have made mistakes in my life,'' he said. ``But out of respect for my family, out of a specific request by the Levy family, it is best that I not get into the details of the relationship.''

Condit criticized flight attendant Anne Marie Smith, who has publicly asserted she had an affair him, saying Smith had ``taken advantage of this tragedy. She didn't know Chandra Levy. So she gets to have her moment of publicity, of financial gain. And I'm puzzled by that.''

Condit spent the week trying to tell his story, first conducting an interview with People magazine Tuesday at a home in Beverly Hills. He also talked to KOVR-TV of Sacramento and did other print interviews.

In the People interview, he offered to sit down alone with the Levys ``to talk about anything they want to talk about.''

In an interview with the Merced Sun-Star conducted after the ABC taping, Condit said it might have been a mistake not to have spoken out earlier.

``In hindsight, maybe I should've,'' he said. ``Maybe people wouldn't have been so critical of me. But I did everything that I thought I was supposed to do as an American citizen.''

Condit said the media scrutiny became so intense earlier this summer when he submitted DNA samples to authorities that he ``snuck off somewhere and met a police officer in a parking lot late at night'' to give him the tissue.

He told KOVR he would announce within the next few months whether he'll run again in 2002.

Karen Johnson, a 43-year-old Modesto business owner, was bothered that Condit didn't discuss the details of the relationship with Levy, saying he was ``evasive in his answers, and my perception is that his bigger interest is in protecting his own interests. I'm disappointed.'' Johnson said she would not vote for Condit again.

Condit is certain to be pressed further about his involvement with Levy, but supporters believe he has told enough.

``I don't have a need to know what Gary did with Chandra Levy. We're not voyeurs; we don't need to know,'' said Lucille Mejia, who attended the pro-Condit rally.
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What was the "BIG" news Chandra wanted to share with her aunt ? (And never got to?)

Why did Mrs. Condit travel to Washington D.C. for the first time in her married life the week of Chandra's dissappearance?

And why is the congressman still so evasive? What is he trying so hard to hide from?
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I think she got pregnant(that's the "BIG" news she wanted to tell her mom) and Condit told her to do something about it and that he didn't want anything to do with it and that he didn't love her and she went and jumped off a bridge somewhere or something and they haven't found her body yet. If she jumped off a bridge she was probably fish food a long time ago and no one will find her body. Or maybe she told him she was pregnant and he had her killed. But I really think she committed suicide.
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The Chung interview made about as much sense as any interview I ever saw with the Ramseys after Jean-Bennet's murder; to this day. We won't get any straight answers from the Ramsey's because "money never talks" and we won't get any civil or true answers from Condit because he is (first and foremost) a politician up for re-election. Whether Chendra was pregnant and commited suicide or she was murdered to shut her up, or murdered by a serial killer; the sad truth is a beautiful, intelligent young woman is dead. I don't think we will ever know for sure if Condit had anything to do with it. Politicians are schooled daily by their staffs of "spin doctors" on how to DANCE around this type of exposure. I do feel that Chendra was old enough and smart enough to know the consequences and she still chose to become involved with a married politician. Her case just had a much more tragic ending than Monica L's. (does anyone really pay hundreds of dollars for those "ugly" purses of hers! Talk about victims. . . .If purses made by Fat/Ugly broads are selling; then pass me the foot pedal 'cause this (old) fat/ugly broad needs extra income!!!)
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First of all, I think his answer "I've been married for 34 years, I am not a perfect man... blah blah blah, was a little rehearsed. He said it all three times without skipping a word.

Connie started to really piss me off half way through the interview. ENOUGH ALL READY. If she didn't get that he wasn't going to answer the questions than you best move on.

I really don't understand why in the world he wanted to go on National TV to clear his name when he refused to answer any of the questions.

My favorite part... was when Condit said it was his personal life and he will not pick through it for the media. However, Connie asked him about Clinton and how Condit was one of many who insisted the Starr report be published to the public. His words... Clinton's private life must be public to get to any real truth. What in the hell is that all about? He says his situation is different. Bull crap.
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Condit TV interview a disaster, media critics say
Aug 24 2001 10:20PM

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - If Congressman Gary Condit had hopes of reviving his political career with a TV interview, the nation's critics say he should forget about it. If the man were a Broadway show, he would have closed on opening night.
A day after an estimated 23.6 million people watched, no one seemed to have anything nice to say about the embattled California Democrat's efforts to explain his relationship with missing intern Chandra Levy in a half-hour interview with ABC's Connie Chung Thursday.

The most potentially damaging criticism came from House Democratic leader Richard Gephardt, who called his comments "disturbing and wrong" and said they added to the perception that "politicians are a bunch of bums." Gephardt said he would ask his colleagues what action should be taken against Condit.

The congressman's hometown paper, the Modesto Bee, said he should resign. "After months of watching him stall and stonewall, Condit's weasel-like performance on Thursday was terribly disappointing. He had an opportunity to come clean, but instead rolled through the dirt of duplicity some more."

But Condit's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said the lawmaker was not a "sappy guy" and was therefore being misjudged.

"He doesn't wear his emotions on the sleeve," Lowell said on CNN's "Larry King Live" program. "People interpret that sometimes in America as somebody who doesn't feel, who doesn't care, who doesn't hurt. That's wrong."

In the interview, Condit said he had a very "close" relationship with the 24-year-old who disappeared in April, but refused to say if they had an affair. He also refused to say why he did not tell police about his relationship earlier.

Salon magazine's Bill Wyman said: "We saw a craggy, prematurely aged boy-man, distracted and wide-eyed, attempting to craft Clinton-like lies with a patina of principle."

Politicians often try to use television as a direct way to revive embattled careers as Richard Nixon did in 1952 when questions arose about his campaign contributions. His "Checkers" speech saved his career and helped make him Dwight Eisenhower's vice president.


But as a damage control effort, Condit's performance "failed miserably," said Robert Thompson, the director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University.

Thompson said he hadn't seen a television performance go so badly in years. "It seems absolutely flabbergasting that we saw the performance that we did," Thompson said.

Howard Rosenberg, the Los Angeles Times television critic, said Condit "looked as cold and pasty as an apparition."

ABC said that the interview on "Prime Time Thursday" was the most widely watched news program in two years.

An estimated 23.6 million households tuned in, the highest number since 48.5 million people watched Barbara Walters' March 1999 interview on ABC's "20/20" with Monica Lewinsky about her relationship with then President Bill Clinton.

A common theme among all reviews was that an evasive Condit did not provide any real answers.

The Baltimore Sun's David Folkenflik wrote, "Millions of Americans tuned in to ABC-TV last night to watch an interview with a beleaguered American politician. Instead, they witnessed a clinic in tap dancing."

Condit's performance isn't the first time a politician has gone on TV to save his image and ended up damaging it instead. Perhaps the most famous example is the first televised presidential debate in 1960 where Nixon refused makeup and looked ashen and ill next to John F. Kennedy. Another example was Sen. Ted Kennedy's interview with Roger Mudd in 1978, in which Kennedy was unable to answer Mudd's question as to why he wanted to be president.

Washington Post television critic Tom Shales said, "Only rabid media-haters could have found him sympathetic after watching his carefully controlled, limited, bionic performance with Chung.... Condit was not paid for the interview, but if he had been, Chung should have demanded her money back right there on the air."
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I have to agree with these press releases; he came across as a "self-serving" double talker. In other words, a Politician who thinks sidestepping a question is not the same thing as lieing. . . . . In my opinion; he looks even guiltier. :dali: My heart goes out to the Levy family. Condit has now added insult to injury by dening his previous conversations with Chendra's mother. I am proud that my state is represented by Richard Gephardt; who said publicly that he feels Condit should not seek re-election and even that he should resign immediatey.
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