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I have this neighbor, an older lady (50ish?). She's always in everyone's business and is just plain annoying. She invites herself into your house, and will simply walk in if you leave the door open. She was obsessed for a while about how many chinchillas I had. She asked me one day, I said 6 (I had 12, but she didn't need to know that). Then (just a few days later) my mom was over helping me with something and she asked her "so how many chinchillas does she have over there, 8 or 10 or something?" My mom replied "no, she has 6". Then she invited herself in one day and immedately started counting them. Before she got to three, I told her how many there were. Shut her up for a little while. I also got accused of breaking the washing machine, by washing stuff with pine shavings. When the repair man came to look at it, he told her point blank that the pine shavings didn't do it. She also used anything of anyone elses that was left in the laundry room. I had about 5 or so dryer sheets in there and she used every last one of them in one day. So the next time, I left the dryer sheets in an old dryer in there that didn't work. She used those too. She also did laundry constantly, 2 or 3 loads a day, at least! Not to menion her dogs who were tied outside her door yapping all the time and trying to bite you as you walked by. Oh, and her rifling through the garbage was a bit creepy too. Then the speculation that she may have have had my keys (and full access to my house, car, PO box), but that part couldn't be proven.

Now comes the good part. Finally, the manager got fed up with her constant use of the washing machine and put a lock on the laundry room door and gave her only 2 days a week she could use it. She got mad and made him come hunt her down for the rent that month. That gave him the excuse he needed to serve the eviction papers. When he told me all this, I thought it was too good to be true, but all this week she's been packing up boxes.


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Serves her right!
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Maybe she has a problem like obsessive compulsive disorder and doesnt know it. She needs help...maybe even a friend.
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